Hellbound? “In Context”

I did this interview months ago. It finally aired this weekend. It just aired today. I look VERY serious, but I was enjoying myself. Really…

Looking for a Christmas gift for that “special someone”? How about a book on hell?
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  • http://peterbannister.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.php Peter B

    Definitely a conversation worth having and one whose time has come, as you say. Glad to see some civil and responsible discussion after your interview rather than a slanging-match. What would be really interesting, besides the presentation of the various theological viewpoints, would be to get some individuals into the mix who claim to have had some first-hand glimpse of the beyond (near-death experiencers or someone like Greek Orthodox mystic Vassula Rydén who is currently in the US on a tour for her provocative book ‘Heaven is Real but So is Hell’, which I’ve reviewed at
    http://www.peterjohnbannister.com/VassulaRydenreview.pdf .
    A panel discussion between her and, say NT Wright would be really fascinating.

    • Kevin Miller

      Thanks, Peter. We have included a couple of folks who have had visions of hell on the DVD, which comes out May 28.