The best book on hell I’ve ever read

It’s called God’s Final Victory: A Comparable Philosophical Case for Universalism by John Kronen and Eric Reitan. This is far and away the most comprehensive, compelling and convincing book I’ve ever read on the topic. Whether you’re already a convinced or hopeful Universalist (or at least leaning in that direction) or if you’ve been won over to another view on hell by someone like Jerry Walls or Edward Fudge, I highly recommend you read this book. In my opinion, any new writing on hell that doesn’t address the arguments presented in this book simply isn’t worth the effort.

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  • Kevin Miller

    Thanks for the note. I’d be interested to hear what you think of the film once you get a chance to see it.

  • Jerrine Regan

    If you are open to it, Lothar, I’d recommend Sharon Baker’s book, “Razing Hell”.

  • Neil Fix

    I absolutely agree. I think an important part of love is respect, and if people want to walk away from God, then I think He will let them.
    And I’m also certain He will feel pain over each one who refuses His grace.