You never know what you’ll find on Youtube

This is a TV show I did on Oct. 24, 2012, the day “Hellbound?” opened in Toronto. It was one of the recommended videos when I was watching something else on Youtube this morning. I didn’t realize it existed online until today.

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  • seba

    “The church defines hell as absence of God”

    But what about psalms where it clearly says something like “I go to heaven and you are there, I go to [hell] and you are there”.How can there be a place without God, if he sustains and creates everything? Can there really be immortality outside God? It doesn’t stick together, Orthodox teachings are far more consistent, catholicism failed me again.

    • Kevin Miller

      I agree with your objection. I don’t see how hell could possibly by the absence of God. The best I could imagine is the perceived absence of God. But if God is going to sustain someone’s life in hell forever, why take away the one thing that could possibly lead them to repent–his presence? That just seems downright cruel. I highly recommend “God’s Final Victory” by John Kronen and Eric Reitan on this topic.

    • Mariana Baca

      God is in hell, too, in a sense — everything that exists is kept in existence due to being held there by God — that is Catholic teaching, too. Hell is the separation from communion with God by the human, a rejection of a relationship with God. Not that God cannot be in hell. It is not properly a place, after all.