Justin Taylor – the full “Hellbound?” interview

Justin Taylor – the full “Hellbound?” interview October 30, 2014

Continuing with the “young, restless and Reformed” theme, begun with my interview with Mark Driscoll, I bring you my full interview with Justin Taylor.

Though not a household name like Driscoll, Justin is an influential blogger at the Gospel Coalition whose pre-emptive post, Rob Bell: Universalist?, which was a response to the book trailer for Love Wins, was largely responsible for putting “Love Wins” on the best-seller list. (John Piper’s “Farewell, Rob Bell” tweet didn’t hurt either.

In this interview, which goes for just over an hour, I press Justin pretty hard on how he can be so certain his interpretation of the Bible is correct and other people’s interpretations are wrong. I’ll leave you to judge the quality of his response.

One more thing: I’ve activated the tip jar for this video and Driscoll’s video. You can watch them both for free, but if you find the content interesting and useful, a small expression of gratitude would be most appreciated.

Justin Taylor – the full “Hellbound?” interview from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

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