Top Muslim Women Twitterati

The women of Muslim Twitter are a dynamic and inspiring  group and no list of Muslim Twitterati would be complete without their full representation. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most insightful Twitter accounts of Anglophone Muslim Twitter from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The Twitter accounts are organized alphabetically in the following categories: Academics (professors, researchers, graduate students), Cultural Curators (artists, entrepreneurs, lifestyle, commentators), Journalists, Movers & Shakers (activists, teachers, community organizers), Organizations (led by Muslim women), Politics & Policymakers, Religious Scholars, and Storytellers (authors, poets, editors).

There is a lot of overlap within intersectional feminism, and so these categories are not hard ones. The religious scholar is also an environmentalist, the activist is also an academic, the storyteller is also an anti-racism activist, the thought leader is also an artist, and so on. Some of the women might not self-identify as feminists, per se, but their work all coalesces around empowering women and girls. This is a very diverse group of women women; they run the spectrum from self-identifying as Salafi to secularist to Socialist – and everything in between (and outside of all boxes)! Ultimately what connects them is that they each tweet often about the issues surrounding Islam and Muslim women.

UPDATE: This is an on-going list (as Muslim women are fabulous!), so please continue to share your suggestions. Also, follow the public Twitter list, Muslim Women Twitterati, which features all of these amazing accounts. Major thanks to Prof. Brian Bowe for compiling the list!


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Amina Wadud US
Arshe Ahmed US
Donna Auston US
JamillahKarim US
Jerusha T. Lamptey US
Kecia Ali US
Maryyum Mehmood UK
Maytha Alhassen US
Melody Fox Ahmed US
MsEntropy US/North Africa
Najeeba Syeed US
Noura Erakat US/Palestine
Orbala Qrratugai US
Rim-Sarah Alouane France
Rose Aslan US
Sara Salem Egypt/Netherlands
Su’ad Abdul-Khabeer US
Susan Carland Australia
Zareena Grewal US

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Cultural Curators

Aja Black Hip Hop Artist
Amanda Quraishi Interfaith Activist & IT Professional
Amani al-Khatatbeh Civil & Human Rights Activist
Amena Beauty & Style Vlogger
Anum Hussain Growth Marketer & Content Strategist
Ascia AKF Fashion Blogger

Aya Khalil Writer & Educator
Azizah Kahera Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Eman Hassaballa Aly Digital Strategist
Fatemeh Fakhraie Social Media & Content Marketer
Fatima Jackson-Best Writer & Researcher
Fatima Price Khan Writer & Interfaith activist
Fatima Salman Activist & Youth Worker
Haute Hijab Modest Fashion Designs
Ibtihaj Muhammad US Fencer & Sports Ambassador
Ify Okoye Nurse & Writer
Iman Zawahry Filmmaker
Katie Miranda Political cartoonist & calligrapher
Kinza Khan Lawyer, Social Justice Advocate
Laila Alawa Digital Strategist
Lena Khan Filmmaker
Mariam Veiszadeh Lawyer & writer
Maysoon Zayid Comic
Mecca Donna Cultural & Digital Curator
Nadia Azmy Designer
Nadia Janjua Artist & Architect
Nailah Lymus Fashion Designer
Najva Sol Photographer & Designer
Nsenga Knight Artist & Filmmaker
Nzinga Knight Fashion Designer
Rana Safvi Artist & Activist
Samina Ali Curator of Muslim women’s art & voices
Sana Amanat Director & Editor at Marvel Comics
Sanaz Raji Scholar, Activist & Journalist
Sarah Ager Interfaith Activist
Selma Talha Jebril International Development
Shireen Ahmed Commentator, Muslim women & sports
Shiza Shahid Philanthropy
Susan Labadi Entrepreneur in Halal Industry
Sukina Pilgrim Hip Hop Artist
Sya Taha Researcher, Quran & Feminism
Wood Turtle Feminist & former academic
Yassmine Abdel-Magied Diversity in Australia
Yuna Zarai Singer-songwriter
Zahra Noorbakhsh Satirist & Comedian
Zainab Akhtar Comics and lifestyle
Zarqa Nawaz TV & Filmmaker, Little Mosque on the Prairie

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Aisha Dabo Africa
Alexandra Millatmal US/Afghanistan
Amel Ahmed US/Yemen
Amina Elahi US
Assia Boundaoui US/Algeria
Azmat Khan US
Beeta Baghoolizadeh US/Middle East

Boutaina Azzabi Morocco/Netherlands
Ethar El-Katatney US/Egypt
Hajer Naili US/France
Hasna Ankal Amazigh/Belgium/Morocco
Hena Zuberi US
Ismat Sarah Mangla  US
Khadija Patel South Africa
Kristiane Backer Germany
Laila Al-Arian US
Malika Bilal US
Maria Ebrahimji US
Mariam Sobh US
Mehreen Khan UK
Nabila Ramdani France/North Africa/UK
Nafeesa Syeed US
Nausheen Husain US
Nesrine Malik UK/Sudan
Raziye Akkoc UK/International
Remona Aly UK
Roqayah Chamseddine Middle East
Sabbiyah Pervez  UK
Samia Errazzouki Middle East
Sana Saeed US/Canada
Sara Yasin US
Sarah Harvard US
Shelina Janmohamed UK
Yasmine Hafiz US
Zeba Khan US

Creative Commons

Movers & Shakers

Ahlam Said Online Organizer
Aisha al-Adawiya Women’s Rights & Mosque Access
Akeela Ahmed Mental Health & Gender Issues
Aliya Latif Civil & Human Rights
Aniqah C Queer, WOC, Feminism
Ashley Mocosa Art & Activism

Basheera Mack Anti-Racism & American Muslim Culture
Browntourage Alternative Media
Budour Hassan Palestine Advocacy
Chaumtoli Huq Civil Liberties
Darakshan Raja Anti-Domestic Violence
Deanna Othman Palestine Advocacy
Debbie Almontaser Educator & Activist
Drost Kokoye Political & Civil Rights
Faiza Ali Community Organizer
Hazel Gomez Activist & Community Organizer
Heather Laird-Jackson Muslim Mental Health
Hosai Mojaddidi Lecturer & Activist
Ilana Alazzeh Activist
Itedal Shalabi Immigration & Women’s Rights
Kaouther Ferjani Human Rights Activist
kawrage Intersectional Feminism
Laura P. Anti-Racism & Human Rights
Linda Sarsour Civil & Human Rights
Margari Hill Anti-racism & Human Rights
Maryam Alkhawaja Human Rights
Mona Eltahawy Feminism & Women’s Rights
Muslimah Montage Amplifying women’s voices
Namira Islam Anti-racism
Prison Culture Human Rights
Qudsia Raja Women’s rights
Rabia Chaudry Civil liberties
Raquel Saraswati Women’s rights
Riham Osman Civil Rights
Sabbah Haji Baji Educator & Activist
Samar Kaukab Domestic & Sexual Violence
Sara Khan, Counter-Extremism & Women’s Rights
Sarah Sayeed Educator, Women’s Rights & Mosque Access
Sheila Musaji Islamophobia Documentation
Soraya Schemaly Feminsim & Women’s Rights
Suzanne Akhras Syria Advocacy
Talat Hamdani Mother of 9/11 First Repsponder, Public Speaker
Zahra Billoo Civil Liberties & Human Rights

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AltMuslimah Gender & Islam
Al-Rawiya Foundation Women’s Empowerment
Azizah Magazine Magazine for the Muslim American Woman
Coming of Faith Stories by Muslim Women
Enabled Muslim Support for Muslims with Disabilities
Heart Women & Girls Sexual Health & Mental Well-Being
Hijabtrendz Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty
Hip Hop Hijabis Hip Hop artists Poetic Pilgrimage
Islamic Network Groups Islamic Educational Resources
Love, InshAllah Relationships, Literature & Sex
MIIM Designs Architecture & Design
Muhsen Special Education Needs
Musawah Feminism & Gender Equity
Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative Education, Outreach, Advocacy
MuslimGirl.Net Muslim Women Talk Back
Muslims For Progressive Values Gender Equality
Muslimah Media Watch Media Analysis
Muslim Women Network UK Network to empower women
My Halal Kitchen Recipes & Halal Industry Information
Nadoona Fitness Changing the world, one calorie at a time
Outburst! Building Safer Communities
Side Entrance Women’s Mosque Experienes
Women In Islam, Inc Women’s Empowerment
Women’s Mosque of America Women-led Juma prayers for women & children

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Politics & Policymakers

Alaa Murabit Middle East, International Affairs
Edina Lekovic Muslim Public Affairs
El-Hibri Foundation Philanthropy
Dalia Mogahed Research
Hend Amry Middle East & North Africa
Farhana Khera Civil Liberties
Julie Pascoet Diversity in Europe
Manal Omar Middle East
Maryam Jamshidi Author, Middle East politics
Mehrunisa Qayyum Middle East Affairs
Myriam Francois-Cerrah MENA, Religion and Europe
Nadia Roumani Philanthropy and Leadership
Nagihan Haliloglu International Relations
Rashida Tlaib Attorney & former State Representative
Remziya Suleyman Civil Rights & Kurdish Affairs
Riada Asimovic Akyol International Relations
Ruwayda Mustafah Kurdish Affairs
Sahar Aziz  Law Professor, Civil Liberties
Umbreen Bhatti Law & Religion
Yusra Ghannouchi Spokesperson for Tunisia’s Ennahda Party
Zainab Usman Oxford China-Africa Network
Zeenat Rahman Global Muslim Youth Affairs

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Religious Scholars

Ingrid Mattson Canada
Maryam Amirebrahimi US
Muslema Purmul US
Shayka Safia Shahid UK
Safiyyah Surtee South Africa
Anse Tamara Gray US
Tricia Veknach US
Yasmin Mogahed US
Zaynab Ansari US

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Aisha Saeed Author, Written in the Stars
Aishah Schwartz Director, Muslim Writers Alliance
Aizzah Fatima Actor & Playwright
Alana Raybon Co-Author, Undivided
Arnessa Buljusmic Writer & Analyst
Ausma Zehanat Khan Lawyer & Author, The Unquiet Dead
Ayesha Mattu Editor of Love, InshAllah and Salaam, Love
Ayesha A. Siddiqui Writer & Editor
Bina Shah Journalist & Author of A Season for Martyrs
Deonna Kelli Sayed Writer
Dilshad Ali Journalist & Editor of Patheos Muslim Channel
Eren Cervantes Writer, Indigenous Feminist
G Willow Wilson Novelist & Author of Ms. Marvel Comics
Gilded Spine Writer & Diversity Advocate
Jennifer Zobair Attorney & Author of Painted Hands
Key Ballah Poet, Preparing My Daughter for Rain
Krista Riley Editor-In-Chief Muslimah Media Watch
Na’ima Ismail Nawab Poet, Activist, Lecturer
Nesima Aberra Writer & Poet
Nia Malika Dixon Writer, Director, Producer
Nijla Mumin Writer & Filmmaker
NoLa Wanderer Author and Teacher
Precious Rasheeda Muhammad African American Muslim Historian
Rafia Zakaria Journalist & Author, The Upstairs Wife
Saadia Faruqi Sociologist & Author, Brick Walls
Sabaa Tahir Author, An Ember in the Ashes
Sabina Khan-Ibarra Activist & Editor, Muslimah Montage
Sahar El-Nadi  Activist & Author, Sandcastles and Snowmen
The Salafi Feminist Author & Goth, Niqabi Feminist
Shazia Kamal Farook Editor at AltMuslimah
Tanzila Ahmed Activist, Podcaster & Columnist
Warsan Shire Poet
Zainab Chaudary Blogger & Communications Specialist
Zareen Jaffery Editor of Young Adult Literature

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