10 Ways to Welcome Women Converts in Ramadan

10 Ways to Welcome Women Converts in Ramadan June 15, 2015

100_2363Ramadan is almost upon us, but some of my friends are a little ambivalent. They are excited about the spiritual benefits of this blessed month, but as convert women, have often felt isolation in Ramadan. This apprehension has been expressed by women from all backgrounds: those who are new to the faith to those who have been Muslim for years; the married ones and the single ones; the young and the young at heart.

Their feeling of apprehension during this blessed month is on us: those of us born and raised in the faith, with families and communities, with long-cherished Ramadan rituals. Those of us who are quick to hug a new convert after her shahada at the mosque, take down her number, and never call. This Ramadan, let’s do better. Let’s open up our hearts, homes, and mosques. Here are some ideas:

I’m just one person, what can I do?

  1. Call local mosques to introduce you to convert women in your area
  2. Listen to what she want and try to offer it
  3. Invite her to join your family iftars or prepare food for her
  4. Offer to drive her to Taraweeh and introduce her to your friends
  5. Invite her to join you and your friends for qiyams and suhoor
  6. Make Ramadan crafts with and buy Eid presents for her children
  7. Check in throughout the month regardless of how long she has been Muslim
  8. Host a potluck iftar and ask her to bring food from her own culture(s)
  9. Be a Quran Buddy to support her Ramadan reading goals
  10.  Include her in your family’s Eid celebrations

What should I ask my mosque to do?

  1. Inform women who have converted at your mosque of your Ramadan programs
  2. Designate a team of women volunteers to be Ramadan Buddies for them
  3. Update your website with clear information about women’s prayer spaces
  4. If providing daily iftars, designate a space and provide food for women converts
  5. Provide a packet for new converts with an English Quran and prayer clothes
  6. Design Quran reading & tafsir circles for convert women
  7. Develop fun, educational programming for their children
  8. Host a Ramadan info session for their non-Muslim families and friends
  9. Invite converts to join Ramadan community service and interfaith events
  10. Make sure their children have presents on Eid

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