Mo’ Money Please (And Accolades Too)

Teachers do not make enough money.  No matter what your local public school teacher makes, it’s not enough.

I just posted curriculum for our American Revolution Unit, and I’m pooped.  It took me well over a hundred hours to put it all together.  And that doesn’t include reading all the books, and making the copies, and thinking through a good sequence of discussion questions, and organizing the trips.  Nor does it include work I would have to do if I were employed by a school, work like grading papers and writing formal lesson plans that I would have to turn in to my department chair, .  Like I said, teachers don’t get enough respect or enough money.

We just finished week 4 of the unit, which we are doing with ten other homeschooled kids.  So far, it’s been a blast. I enjoy teaching it, and I love seeing how excited the boys are to study for class and to participate in class.  It’s a home run.

Still, I hate to see all of this hard work have no life after we are done with it.   So please pass it along to anyone you think might be able to use it.

And since I don’t get paid for teaching anymore, I live on praise.  So go ahead and check it out; then write back to tell me that you think it looks fabulous, that my sons will surely become great men, and that you are going to urge your school district to increase teacher pay.

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  • Syndi

    It looks awesome! When my kids are old enough, do you think Z and E can teach this program to them? 🙂

    • Tara Edelschick

      I would love that, Syndi. Two of the girls in the class have a baby sister. And I love when she toddles over to the table and the big kids let her roll the dice or grab a snack. And we’ve been to several park days or MIT lab days where big kids are showing younger kids the ropes. It’s a big plus of homeschooling!

  • Annette Bannister

    Tara, this is a fantastic lesson plan. Your homeschooling group is so privileged to have you as their teacher! You’re taking wonderful advantage of your location, too. I copied your blog post into a Word file and downloaded as many of the PDFs as I could. In just a couple of years, we’ll be studying the American Revolution, too, and I would love to use as many of these resources and ideas as I can. Thank you, thank you for offering it for free. Did you also know that there is a site called “Teachers Pay Teachers,” where you can post your lesson plans to help out other teachers either for free or for a fee? I do not post on it, but I do use it. (I gain nothing by referring you to it!)

    • Tara Edelschick

      Good work on the accolades. 🙂

      And thanks for the tip about the website. I’ll check it out tonight. I wouldn’t charge, in large part because I steal so much of my content from other sites. But I love the idea of teachers passing on the love.


  • Karen

    Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t possibly go wrong with Liberty’s Kids, Longfellow, and any You Wouldn’t Want to Be book! We’re about to embark on the American Revolution for a second time and this will be so helpful. One of our favorites – The Golden Book of the American Revolution has some fantastic maps and artwork.

    • Tara Edelschick

      Thanks for the recommendation, Karen. I’m gonna check it out.