If you’ve ever watched a gymnastics competition, you might have asked yourself, “How do they get so flexible?” The answer is simple really—practice, practice, practice. Yes, they may be born with certain talents, but no gymnast ever got into top form without lots of practice. To gain greater flexibility, gymnastics coaches push their trainees further and further, slowly pushing them to go a little past their limits every time. In my last blog entry, I discussed a different kind of… Read more

The second step of my Brain Education (BE) method is all about flexibility. In terms of fitness, we usually think about our muscles, tendons, and joints when we think of flexibility, but there is another kind of flexibility that I believe is even more important—flexibility of the brain. The brain is a marvelous organ because, unlike other organs, it has the ability to recreate itself throughout life. This feature is called neuroplasticity, and it gives us the ability to learn… Read more

Opening to Subtle Energy In my previous blog post, I introduced you to the basic tenants of Brain Sensitizing, the first step of Brain Education. As you may recall, appreciation of the brain, opening of the senses, and fundamentals of energy are emphasized in this step. Although it’s best to study with an instructor to understand this step in depth, it’s possible to practice some basic things on your own, so I have provided you with a few easy-to-follow exercises… Read more

Like so many other practices, the early teachings of Brain Education form the foundation of what is to come. Step 1 of Brain Education, called Sensitizing, is about the fundamentals—better health, less stress, and more energy. And, it is about discovering the value and potential of your brain. Without these things, the next steps are practically useless. While some other practices de-emphasize the body, this is not the case in Brain Education. In fact, you learn to understand and appreciate… Read more

  On this blog, I have often mentioned a training method I created called Brain Education. Since I reference it so often, I thought it was about time to explain it in more detail. In this post, I will provide an overview of what Brain Education is all about, and in subsequent posts, I will give more detail about each step of the method. Basically, Brain Education is the result of many years of working with individuals, studying various energy… Read more

When I teach people about using their brains well, they often say they want, more than anything else, to become more creative. In response, I first tell them this: “You already are very creative!” Everyone is indeed very creative, but people often do not know how to use this built-in ability of the brain as they wish. They are busy all the time, and they are creating things all the time, but they are not creating what they really want…. Read more

During my career as a spiritual teacher I have written many books. One of my books that resonated particularly well with readers was The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart. Its success was unexpected because it is a simple, personal book. It’s a memoir really, with some spiritual guidance offered as well. In its pages, I tell the story of how I came to Sedona, AZ, and built a retreat center there. Although my other books tend to be… Read more

Love is not easy. We are all constantly bombarded with reasons to let other emotions take the place of love. Even though every single person wants to give and receive love more than anything else in the world, nevertheless it is always in short supply. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, greed, and even hate seem to dominate our world instead. I’m here to tell you, though, that that is just an illusion. Despite the ugliness on the surface of the… Read more

  If you are a parent, you are your child’s first spiritual teacher, just as your parents were yours. This is true even if your parents saw themselves as non-spiritual or raised you to mistrust spirituality. In cases like these, it had some influence on the way your spiritual path has unfolded and on how you view the world today. Without a doubt, the decisions we make regarding how spirituality will be presented to our children have profound consequences. If… Read more

Who is the best teacher you ever had? Maybe you’ll think of a favorite primary school teacher or an inspiring professor you had in college. These people were probably great, but they cannot compare to your first and greatest teacher—nature herself. You might have forgotten about this teacher because she gives so ceaselessly and so generously that she is easy to take for granted.   Our First Teacher Mother Nature began teaching you the moment you were conceived in the… Read more

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