What Should Abortion Penalties Be?

My fellow Catholic Patheosi Kyle Cupp says that pro-lifers should not be vague about the penalties for abortion that they envisage. This is obviously a fair question to ask.Before I answer the question, I would say a couple things by way of prolegomena.The first is that in the United States, the road to a pro-life policy (even just a pro-life possibility) goes through the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Overturning Roe v. Wade would not mean making abortion illegal, but rather, return the iss … [Read more...]

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

"My center is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking." - Ferdinand Foch In the Roman Empire, when a new Emperor was appointed (or seized power), heralds would fan out on those well-maintained Roman roads and announce it to all the Empire, to all the civilized world. And in the East, where Greek was spoken, this is how they would do it: they would stand up, and they would say: Here is the euangelion, the good news! The world has a new kyrios, a new Lord, Insert N … [Read more...]

Once More On Same-Sex Marriage


Over at The Week, I wrote a post arguing that most Christians will continue to believe that same-sex marriage is wrong, because sexual complementarity is an important part of the faith. My view was not to advocate for a particular position, but rather to argue for pacifying by seeking to explain why most Christians wouldn't give up on it.I just want to point to a couple fair-minded and intelligent responses, and say a few things in response to them--again, more in a spirit of explication th … [Read more...]

A Blueprint For Christian Unity

For all that I fire potshots at Protestantism, I really do believe there is very little that divides us, and very much that Catholicism can and must learn from Protestantism. (See: Why Faithful Catholic Priests Should Be Good Lutherans; Is The Future Of Catholicism Protestantism? I Hope So)The paradox of ecumenism is that as little as there is that divides us, we still find ways to divide ourselves. Can I be crass for a moment? I'm sure some will find that perspective hopelessly pragmatic … [Read more...]

Calvinism 101

Calvinism is one of my frequent internet punching bags, and usually the retort from my Calvinist brethren (whom I love!) is that I mischaracterize Calvinism. And I always give them the benefit of the doubt because, well, they would know better than me, wouldn't they. And caricaturing opponents' positions is one of the most annoying features of debate, and (honestly, guys) I try to avoid it, even though none of us are immune.One of my Twitter interlocutors, the very gracious Derek Rishmawy … [Read more...]