On The Catholic School-Thing Freakout


  I didn't want to write about this whole froofra (more controversy! yay!), but I'm procrastinating on writing something else more lucrative, so there you go.But first, story time!I don't know if you remember the mid-90s. I barely do. But at some point in the mid-90s--maybe just in France--people discovered the existence of tabletop role-playing. You know, Dungeons & Dragons and the like. And people and the media started freaking out that kids were getting addicted to role-playing ga … [Read more...]

Two Things That Happened Yesterday


If you follow either religion/social issues news or tech industry news, you will have almost certainly heard about the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. His sin? (And this is the right word.) Donating money to California's anti-same-sex-marriage Proposition 8.Many things could be said about this lamentable event. That Eich is being described in the press (here, for example, by my former colleague Jim Edwards) as "anti-gay" even though one of the things everybody involved agrees on is that … [Read more...]

New Distributism 4 — Why The Church Needs A Prophetic Economic Voice


I am writing a series of columns on Catholic social doctrine. Here’s all of them.–In my previous column, I argued that in formulating its social doctrine, the Church should focus on two main modes of action : on the one hand, a relentless empiricism and, on the other, a prophetic voice.The empiricism is the product of the Church's Tradition, which sees man's rational nature as part of its Divine image, and God's law inscribed in His good creation, and therefore has the highest resp … [Read more...]

Everything In The Gospels Is About The Mass


I'm a very very beginning exegete, and the sort of Exegesis 101 rule for the Old Testament that they give you is "Everything in the Old Testament is about Jesus."I'd like to propose a new Biblical exegesis 101 rule: everything in the Gospels is about the Mass.I mean, just off the top of my head:The Prodigal Son. Everybody knows in the parable of the Prodigal Son you have the father who is the God-figure, and the two wayward sons. But where's Jesus? He's the fatten calf. He's the … [Read more...]

Some Points About Homophobia And The Church


I wrote a post this week that made the following points:The Magisterium of the Catholic Church says that unjust discrimination against homosexual persons is sinful; A number of laws debated or passed recently in a number of countries represent unjust discrimination against homosexual persons; The authorities of the Catholic Church have been, at least in some cases, lukewarm and equivocal in their opposition to such laws; The authorities of the Catholic Church should be outspoken and … [Read more...]