Momentum on your side

Get momentum on your side. Get moving and keep moving. When you’re standing still, it’s somewhat difficult to get going. Yet when you’re already moving, it is much easier to keep on moving. So start each day early with positive, result-oriented action and keep it up all day long. That will enable you to get the most from your time.

Imagine traveling 100 miles in your car at 60 miles per hour. On the freeway, it would take you about an hour and forty minutes and you’d use about four gallons of gasoline. But what if you traveled on a road that had an intersection with a traffic light every ten miles? Even if you moved at 60 miles per hour between the intersections, the trip would probably take 20-30 minutes longer and use more gasoline because of all the stops and starts.

The same dynamic is at work as you go through each day. Once you get going, it’s much better to keep going. The fewer stops you make, the faster you can get things done and the less energy it takes. It’s all that stopping and starting up again that really wears you out and slows you down. So put your life on the freeway rather than on the back roads. Take advantage of the speed and efficiency of momentum.

The more you continue taking action, the more good things will come your way. You’ll come across more and better opportunities, learn more things, and become more skilled at getting the results you want. Yes, you’re going to make mistakes. You will regularly need to adjust your approach. But that’s no reason to avoid action. In fact, it’s a good reason to get started as soon as possible. If you’re going to make mistakes, it’s better to get out there and make them, to get them over with and learn from them, than it is to sit inside and avoid action because you’re so worried about the possibility of mistakes.

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