just say grace

God forgive us: when we would rather be right than do right.

God forgive us: when we would rather feel good than do good.

God forgive us: when we would rather have justice than do justice.

God forgive us: when we would rather speak of You than work for You.

God forgive us: when the people you ‘hate’ look a lot like the people we hate.

God forgive us: when fear speaks louder than mercy.

                                    when ‘not enough’ talks over abundance.

                                          when the comfort of ‘how we’ve been’ chases off all hope

                                                of transformation.

God forgive us: when there is no place left at the table

because we, ourselves, take up so very much room.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


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Rev. Erin Wathen is the Senior Pastor of Saint Andrew Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Olathe, KS (www.sacchome.org). She's a Kentucky native, a long-time desert dweller, and she writes about the sacred thread that runs through pretty much everything. For more info, click the 'about' tab above...

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