Prayer for Uncertain Times: Embracing Mystery as an Act of Resistance

Most of our human existential crises can be traced to a single source: our deep desire to KNOW. We may expect our friends to keep a lid on what happened in last night’s episode of whatever, until we can get home and catch up on the DVR. But in real life? Forget it. Give us the spoiler alerts. We want to KNOW. We want to know when we’ll find love, and if love will last; we want to know when we’ll land that… Read more

Trumped Up Religious Freedom: What It Does, What It Doesn’t

In honor of National Day of Prayer, President Trump–pretending to know what prayer is–made good on a campaign promise to protect religious freedom. Sort of. Maybe you’ve missed this in the newsfeed, what with the horror show that is the GOP health plan. So let’s recap: since before he was elected, DJT has promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which restricts the political activity of non-profit organizations. Including churches. Vowing to “protect” Christians from being “bullied” and “silenced,” today he signed… Read more

Selling Cookies and Laughing Out Loud: Another Day, Another Fight for Girls

EVERY DAY. Every day it’s something. Something to remind us that all of our systems of power are designed to restrict women. Civilization as we know it is ordered to control women’s bodies, voices, and range of authority. Say all you want that we have laws to protect our rights, and that we have come farther than our grandmothers ever dreamed, etc. The Patriarchy is alive and well. Exhibit A: The Archdiocese of Kansas City just announced that the Catholic Church in… Read more

This One Is Different, and It’s Also Just the Same: On the Death of Jordan Edwards

Last night, Jordan Edwards–a 15 year old football player and outstanding student–was shot and killed by a police officer in Balch Srings, Texas. Even as the story continues to unfold, a few things are clear. In some ways, this one is different. But in some fundamental ways, it’s the same story we hear far too often. Or rather, a story that happens far too often, but about which we hear far too little–because the majority of police killings (especially of… Read more

9 Things that Should Be Easy (and 1 That Should Not)

I loved my previous life, I loved my previous life. I had so many things going… I actually, this is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier. Incomplete sentences and 2nd grade vocabulary aside, this was yesterday’s not-so-shocking statement from President Man-Child about how very hard it is to be him. I say not-so-shocking, because his narcissism and complete willingness to be obtuse about his own privilege is something we’ve seen before. So of course… Read more

In God’s Time

Guest Post: Richard Baier “Praying is something we do in our time. The answers come in God’s time.” For the unenlightened, the above quote is from the movie Rudy, a 1993 classic about a young man determined to fulfill a dream and become a member of the Notre Dame football team. It’s the guy equivilent of a chick flick. Rudy has failed multiple times to earn admission to Notre Dame. This is his last chance. Father Cavanaugh finds Rudy in church praying for… Read more

Your Church Does Not Need Volunteers

I was writing my weekly note to the congregation  (a few days late, because I took Monday off and it’s all downhill from there). Usually in this note, I share a few words about the message for Sunday so that we can all be reflecting on the same topic throughout the week. It makes the sermon more of an ongoing conversation. I sometimes discuss something that’s going on in the life of the church, as well. But this week, it was more… Read more

For 30 Pieces of Silver, and a Piece of Chocolate Cake

And Jesus gathered his disciples, those he loved best. A fresh loaf of bread on the table between them, like a thousand times before. He broke it and said everything is about to change, so I’m going to give you something. This bread–this is the bread of life. A living sacrifice of simple grace. As often as you are hungry, remember me. Remember my words as the thing that gives you life; remember my compassion, walk in the ways of… Read more

Not Our Own People: What We’re Missing About The (Latest) Sean Spicer Gaffe

For the love, America. Can we not keep it together for A MINUTE? Me and my people have stuff to do this week. I’ll be quick. When Sean Spicer said, out loud and on real tv, that Hitler never used chemical weapons, that was bad. Deplorable. Inexcusably ignorant, tone-deaf, and revealing the depths of this administration’s ignorance in regards to history. And diplomacy. And the history of diplomacy. He was wrong, and he apologized. Which is, whatever, I guess better… Read more

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Holy Week Clergy Burnout

There’s this story we clergy tell religiously around this time every year. Not the thing about the Last Supper. Not the cross, and the empty tomb. I mean, those are good too, but we have this other one that is really our favorite. It’s this story about how BUSY we are; how long the list of details, how impossible the expectations, and how exhausted we are just thinking about it. Stop me if you’ve heard it. Where did we learn… Read more

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