Honor-Shame in Ministry

Over at HonorShame.com, you’ll find two fantastic videos that will equip people very well for doing ministry in an honor-shame context.

(In truth, honor and shame are “human” dynamics, so these videos are relevant everywhere.)

Honor & Shame 101

In the first video, Jayson gives a summary of ways that honor-shame can influence our ministry.

After watching the video, what would you add to the ideas mentioned in the above video?

Honor & Shame 201

The second video below is longer and aimed at longer-term workers. It has interactive exercises and is perfect for using when training other people.

A downloadable version of the second video is available here.

Thanks again Jayson for your excellent work!

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  • This is a completely alien way to view the gospel for me. I never realized it but my understanding of salvation is so completely based on a legal system. It makes total sense to me that I’ve transgressed, deserve punishment, Jesus took my punishment for me and therefore I am free from punishment/forgiven. It feels so unnatural to talk about the bible in a different way lol. But I like this, thank you for sharing! It’s incredible how the bible came out of a shame based culture yet is relatable to all peoples. I’m still having difficultly, though, understanding why Christ would have to die based on shame. For me I see the cross as a punitive response to wrong doing but how does his death bring honor to me?

    • Katie, thanks for your encouraging and thoughtful comments. You ask a big question that has a long answer. I try to address it in chapter 5 of “Saving God’s Face.” I give shorter summaries here on the blog, particularly in relationship to the atonement. If those posts are not enough, you might check out my book. Thanks again!