Resilient Peace in the Time of Crisis

Leonard Cohen, who died the day after Trump’s victory in the presidential election, introduced his song, “If It Be Your Will” with these words, which I found very powerful in this time of tears, pain and disappointment for so many of us.“I don’t know which side anyone is on anymore I don’t really care. There is a moment when we have to transcend the side we’re on and understand that we are creatures of a higher order. That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish you courage in your struggle. There are … [Read more...]

I’m with the Nasty Women

I'm with the nasty women for lots of reasons! I'm reading John Caputo's The Weakness of God. I love this: "Suppose, in addition, Jesus said that the sinners would get priority seating in the kingdom, that there was some kind of preferential priority, not just for the poor, which in a way is "fair," but for the wicked, which is not fair. If he did indeed say, "the tax collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you" (Matt. 21:31), that would have added fuel to the … [Read more...]

Religion is for Lovers

These are dark days folks. Everyone is just a bit down. (Thank God for the Cubbies!) Cynicism, as they say, is intellectual depression. There are no innocents in this political election season, there is very little hope and so I think we need a good and kind and loving word to be sung, to belt it out with all our hearts! Hey, what is the good news? Is there any good news of hope out there?It is not often that I read a book that makes me sit up and say, “Wow.” Especially to read a book by an a … [Read more...]

How a Trump-like Culture Nearly Killed Me and May Destroy America

Words can heal and they can kill. These days we are in a word storm.It’s no secret that it’s becoming chic among Trump followers to suggest that pc culture is destroying America. They even say, “Donald Trump is no Boy Scout, but the women around him should know better; it’s men being men.” They argue that the kind of talk we heard on the video of Trump wanting to “f….” women, wanting to “kiss” them without consent, and wanting to “grab their p….” is just what men talk about “in the locker roo … [Read more...]

Edgeman: Rob Bell in LA

I just watched a beautiful film piece on Rob Bell in The New Yorker Presents, Amazon Series, #8 (the part on Bell starts at around 15 minutes into the film). It interviews Bell and describes the building of his ministry, his leaving the church, and the continuing progress of his ministry in LA. I loved it. I have described Bell as an "Edgeman." In my book, Rob Bell and a New American Christianity, I wrote:The quality of Bell’s consciousness and his experience of this sense of timelessness a … [Read more...]

God Kick: Terror in Cinque Terre (written with Brooke Wellman)

Trips of a lifetime are etched into our memories, this one for different reasons than we had hoped. Even so, it has changed my life, and my leg, forever. With the plays of London, the Scottish mist and prayers from Iona lingering on our tongue and the wine of Siena and Florence still on our lips, my wife, Brooke and I, headed for the Cinque Terre, to stay in the southernmost village of Riomaggiore on the Italian Riviera coastline.Our train chugged through the underbelly of the mountain … [Read more...]