The Church is No Place for Cowardice – Homily Link

Link for Rebecca Hamilton: a Palm Sunday homily against cowardice.  At minute 5:38:

The temptation to refuse to witness to one’s faith, and to act according to a well-formed conscience, is a temptation to cowardice for us all. . . . It is not only a temptation for individuals, but a temptation for the Church herself, as she is increasingly pressured by civil authorities and public opinion to be silent on the great moral questions of our time.

From the same source, Psalm 22 for your Holy Week listening.

Theology tip: Don’t make stuff up about what that quote from the cross might mean.  You can go read Psalm 22, and see what it means. To do otherwise would be like hearing a soldier’s dying words of Oh say can you see? and thinking he’s asking if you need glasses.  Yeah.  You sound silly when you do that.  Context.  Context is everything.

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