Catholic Education / Homeschooling Conference, Charlotte NC, Today & Tomorrow – Free

This afternoon the IHM Homeschool Conference opens in Charlotte, NC.  Carolina-region folks, go to it if you can.  It’s free, so you can do as much or as little as you are able.  This is a fantastic event — quiet, not overwhelming, with a retreat-like quality you can only get at a site like Belmont Abbey.   Fr. Dwight Longenecker has two slots today (Friday) and Dale Ahlquist stars tomorrow (Saturday).  How can you not want to go?


Something cool to know about: Last year after this conference, some of the attendees from South Carolina decided it was time to end the internet silence and make it possible to find out that there were in fact Catholic homeschoolers south of the border.  Three lay-people run sites to know about:

Facebook Group:  Private group, open to anyone who has a legitimate reason to connect with the Catholic homeschooling community in SC.

Facebook Page: Assorted announcements of interest to SC Catholic homeschoolers.

Website:  Landing page with links to the essential things you need to know if you are a Catholic homeschooler in SC and you mean to keep it legal.

You probably know someone who could use this info.  Share with your friends.


Artwork courtesy of the IHM Conferences.

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