Conference Update: Saturdays Specials, Catholic Success & a Full House for Distracted Parenting 101

A little update from the Midlands Homeschool Convention, where I’m making my home-away-from-home this week:

1. Saturday Specials: Free Exhibit Hall Admission for everyone, and $20 family day passes for the workshops.  Worth a look.  Lots of vendors of interest to any parent — educational toys, books, colleges . . . good stuff.

2. The Catholic Exhibit just plain rocks.  Why yes, we are the coolest thing there, though admittedly the Kapla blocks people are a pretty close second. And it’s not just the tent full of koosh balls. Or the get-your-photo-with-the-pope thing.  Or the pile of books-n-stuff we’re giving away.  But you’ll have to show up to see the real reason we’re winning the best exhibit award.

3. I gave my talk on homeschooling for parents who are easily distracted.  (Perhaps, say, you spend too much time on the internet?  Yes?)  Filled the room, and people asked for the slides.  So I guess I hit a chord.  Nice to know I’m not the only one.  Pleased to report that it is possible to be responsibility-impaired and still manage to overcome the odds and educate your children.  Educate them well, even.  I think I’ll offer this talk next year, it was a hit.

That’s all the fun I’ve got to report for now.  Swing by if you’re in the region and looking for something interesting to do with your Saturday.


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