What California Consent Teaches Us About Women’s Needs

There’s some exasperated amusement in St. Blogs over the new California laws concerning sexual consent on campus.

We can learn about the human heart from doubtful laws.   Implicit in this law is the question, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Why do we ask that question?

Because we know that sex outside of marriage is bad for women.

If sex were, as corners of our contemporary culture so desperately insist, just this thing you do, a way to relax, a hobby, the new handshake, the question of consent wouldn’t have made it to the legislature.

If sex outside of marriage were good for women, we wouldn’t be asking young men to check and double check and triple check to make 100% sure she was willing to participate.

Sometimes I chuckle at those product labels with the known to the State of California hazard warnings. The wording amuses because it sounds as if California possesses secret information the rest of the country hasn’t acquired.  In this case, though, it looks like California’s onto something.





Image copyright Jennifer Fitz 2014

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