Marriage is Not a Purchase, Your Spouse is Not Your Slave

Unclear on the concept is abounding these days.  Michelle Arnold shared the link to this terribly twisted approach to marital relations and all I can say is no.  Just no.

For a clear-headed discussion of the patriarchy movement in general, here’s those wild liberals at HSLDA stepping up to disown this nonsense.  Christianity is not about this.  Just no, never, no way no how, end of story.

What is marriage?  The free gift of self between husband and wife.  It’s faithful, it’s fruitful, it’s forever . . . and it’s free.

If you’re in the business of buying or selling sex, you’re committing a grave sin.  If you’re in the business of demanding sex, you’re committing a grave sin.  Being married doesn’t cause these serious sins to suddenly be AOK.

Free gift of self.  Free. Gift.

Freely given.

Never taken, never coerced, never blackmailed, never demanded . . . free gift or bust, kids.

File:Luca Signorelli - Choir of Patriarchs - WGA21248.jpg

Artwork: Luca Signorelli [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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