Confederates and Conversion

H/T to Joe Long for the link to this history of the conversion of Nathan Bedford Forrest, which begins by explaining just how unconverted the man was: Nathan went on to become a very successful and wealthy businessman. Though uneducated and “backwoods” by nature, he was a skilled entrepreneur, albeit in an immoral trade. He made his fortune as a slave trader and as a plantation owner, and by the time the Civil War began in 1861, he was worth 1.5 million dollars, an astronomical figure, when con … [Read more...]

Cut Out The Iconoclast Nonsense, Y’all

I'm losing my patience with the sudden anti-Confederate Flag hysteria that seems to be infecting everyone, everywhere.Some of us who live in South Carolina and were glad to see the flag come down from in front of the State House would like to remind you:We didn't think up that resolution two minutes ago.  This has been a long and peaceful democratic process that has unfurled in stages.  The late unpleasantness was a catalyst for something we've been thinking about for a long while. T … [Read more...]

XY Motherhood: What do Recent IVF Cases in the News Tell Us? – Updated

UPDATE: For a detailed treatment of the question of intersex persons and the possibility of sex change, see Christopher Tollefsen writing at Public Discourse, "Sex Identity."   *** A friend shared two articles about genetically XY women who conceived via IVF.  She wonders what we are to make of such cases.  A few thoughts:1. The real scandal in these particular stories (here and here) is the use of IVF, which is gravely immoral.2. I'm not aware of any particular Church teaching on how t … [Read more...]

#Edel15 – Wow did I need this.

What I'm doing this weekend is hanging out at the Edel Gathering (read and weep on Twitter at #Edel15).  Going to parties is not the kind of thing that I do.  But I live in the general neighborhood, and my friend was going and she asked if I'd meet her for lunch, and then new tickets opened up, and next thing I knew, wow, party!Coming here was the best decision ever.  I have a great network of faithful Catholic mom friends at home in regular life, and a massive network of Catholic geek fr … [Read more...]

What’s the Point of Pointless Suffering?

An acquaintance lamented privately about a particular difficulty her family had faced, and the senselessness of it all. She had endured any number of trials past and present, but those had all had meaning. She could see in those other cases how the sacrifices and hardships were oriented towards a greater good. Now she faced a situation that was nothing but purposeless torment.Adding to the insult, she was aware of ways to possibly relieve her family's suffering, but every avenue that offered … [Read more...]

Why God-Centered Liturgy Matters So Much

It is, of course, a sin against the virtue of justice to spend your Mass singing songs about yourself, since it is to God that we owe our worship. But just in case fear of the Almighty wasn't enough for you, a story about why this is also a sin against your fellow man:So I have this friend, Eastern Orthodox, who expressed interest in visiting a Catholic parish near her home.  I told her I'd watch for some mutually-convenient occasion, since on Sunday mornings she's at her church, and thus … [Read more...]

Mercy That Isn’t: More Teachers Being Thrown Under the Bus to Cover for Dissenting Administrators

H/T to Deacon Greg Kandra for pointing out the most recent case of a Catholic school teacher being fired after parents found out about her same-sex civil wedding.  Let me remind you right now that I hold 100% with the teachings of the Catholic faith.  I succeed at following them about 2% of the time, but that's a problem with getting me to behave, not a problem with the ideals themselves.The details reported at are sparse, but raise a few flags if you know how to read doublespeak. … [Read more...]