Be Scared Every Day

I've been prayerfully following Elizabeth Scalia's coverage of the ravaging of Iraq, and I hope you have been too.Rebecca Hamilton writes here about how Ebola is not someone else's problem.I'm appalled by the reports from the southern border of the US: Central America's feudal warlords have scourged their own fiefdoms to the point that parents are pushing even their young daughters onto avenues of escape that are half an inch short of certain rape and likely death.When our kids pray … [Read more...]

God is on the Altar, but He isn’t the Guy in Vestments

Round about the moment of the consecration, there's a massive case of identity confusion going on in the minds of many of the faithful.  The Holy Spirit descends upon the altar, and something at the front of the church turns into the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.Hint: It isn't the guy who was there the minute before.  It's the one who just showed up.(I mean okay, yes, God was hanging around the whole time.  It's what He does.  But at the consecration He becomes pr … [Read more...]

Charlotte, NC Missionaries of the Poor Benefit Concert – The Messiah August 9th

A head's up from Mrs. Curley:Hello Everyone,I have been asked by The Missionaries Of The Poor (MOP)  to spread the word about the concert they are sponsoring to benefit the poorest of the poor. 100% of the proceeds will go to Missionaries Of The Poor Homeless and Abandoned Children.I have tickets for the concert entitled "The MESSIAH!! THE GREATEST MUSICAL EVER"   2:00 pm Saturday, August 9, 2014 Halton Theater, CPCC 1206 El … [Read more...]

Homeschooling High School The Less Scary Way

 It's the time of year when mothers start to get excited about school.  Before you actually start the work is the ideal to time to share school plans, because once you're underway the enthusiasm can wear off a bit.  So here are my plans for the coming school year, starting with Mr. Boy.  I'll cover the girls' plans in two or three subsequent posts. High School. Oh My. The boy starts 9th grade, which means the college-prep clock is ticking and the transcript is officially turned on.  We … [Read more...]

How Much House Should a Bishop Inhabit?

I live in a relatively small house.  Not Third World Shack small, but the square footage per person makes most first-world "Small Houses!" fans gaze longingly at off-site storage options.  I have friends who squeeze way more children into way less space, and friends who do it the other away around.  We're happy with where we fall on the real estate spectrum, grateful for what we have and making the best use of it we can.CNN, on the other hand, is very worried about People Whose Homes Are the … [Read more...]

Speaking of Sex . . . Learn How to Think About Sex

You were probably thinking, "I already think about sex enough, thank you very much."But how well were you thinking about sex?If your sex-thinking needs improvement -- perhaps it needs more rigor, thoroughness, or clarity . . . consider signing up for Family Honor's online college course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family: Cultural Implications.  The Fall 2014 session begins August 15th, and registration closes August 8th.My husband and I took this course together, … [Read more...]

Transgender Nuns, Ho-Hum

I'm back from conference-land and that means it's time to talk about Transgendered Nuns.When I got the head's up on this story a few days ago, I had one reaction and I'm sticking to it: This isn't complicated, kids.That is, unless you are sucked up into our hyper-ventilating, panic-addicted culture, and just desperately need something Shocking! to ooh and aah over.  Otherwise, you can do the Catholic thing.  We'll do the Catholic thing:1. Doesn't matter what your past is. C … [Read more...]