Gospel Fan Fiction: When You Give What is Holy to Dogs

The Gospels are written with only the sparest of details.  When we use our imaginations to assign tone, gesture, and intention to the actions of Our Lord, we risk learning more about ourselves than about Him.  In that perilous tradition, here I go.  My words in plain text, this past Sunday's Gospel reading in bold.  *** Even living in a small town, there reaches a point when you cease to care what people think.  It wasn't the embarrassing public episodes that had driven her to this point.  It w … [Read more...]

The Nerd Boy Silver Lining

On the one hand, a certain child of mine spends way too much time on the computer.  (Where does he get it from?) On the other hand: Boy: Mom, we really have to get that webcam for school.  Class is going to start.  You have to get this.Mom: Yes, that's fine.  Research webcams and have a proposal* ready for your father tonight.Boy: What's the budget?Mom: Make us a set of best choices at each price point, with a discussion of the technical features for each. Not only will he do it, bu … [Read more...]

Biblical Catholics are So Childish – today in the Gospel @CatholicMom.com

Today's pre-prayed Gospel at CatholicMom.com is the "Let the children come to me" passage in Matthew.  Couldn't have been more timely, I'm perpetually devolving into rehashed childishness.   You know this Gospel so well you're probably ready to throw promotional trinkets at the wicked DRE who tricked you into volunteering for VBS this year:Is there something new to be found in this reading? No.  There is something very old.  Just don't even start with me about how this passage is your ex … [Read more...]

Confession Primer: Forgetting to Confess a Mortal Sin

H/T to my friend John Hathaway for sharing this classic image from the Sacrament of Confession Facebook Page, and hosting a discussion to go with:Here's the scoop on how the sacrament works when you've got an unconfessed mortal sin:1. If you are aware of having committed a mortal sin, make an act of contrition right away.  (That means: Pray to God and tell Him you are sorry.)  At your first opportunity, go seek out a priest and make a sacramental confession.  Refrain from presenting you … [Read more...]

At Mass Today: Types of Mary

When we say something is a "type" of Christ, what we mean is that it in some way reflects the reality of Our Lord.  For example, Isaac is a "type" of Christ when he willingly lets his father offer him as a sacrifice to God.  (Early monotheists had to work through a few misunderstandings in how this whole "religion" thing was supposed to work.  Hint: The real God doesn't want you to ritually sacrifice your children, even if you've been raised to think that's just the cure for all that ails. Wh … [Read more...]

HDO Alert: Build Your Life Around the Most Important Thing

Happy Feast of the Assumption!It's a Holy Day of Obligation, so get yourself to Mass someplace.Why does the Church do this to us every so often, insisting we turn up and worship not just on Sundays, but six other days of the year into the equation?  It's as if you're expected to totally rearrange your life in order to attend Mass.  It's as if there were something so important about these feasts that we should make them the priority.  It's as if even we who have busy in-the-world vo … [Read more...]

Something Fun & Good: Secret Prayer Friends

PSA for those who don't already know this tip:  Pick someone and pray for them a little bit every day.  Indefinitely. You can't pray for everyone. You can pray for the whole world in a general way, of course.  But you can't pray specifically for every person in the whole world, because there aren't that many seconds in the day.  You probably don't even have time to say a Glory Be for each person you personally know, unless maybe you are a hermit.  Most of the people that you pray for are going … [Read more...]