Where’s Wojtyla?

This Matthew Lee Anderson piece in the evangelicalish Relevant Magazine cites Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Body and the Apostle Paul. Its title is “The Theology of the Body.” What could it possibly have left out?

UPDATE: The author has replied here.

  • http://blog.acton.org/ Jordan

    Jeremy, it’s clear from the language of the “theology of the body” that Matt is inspired, at least partially, by John Paul II’s magisterial work on that subject. But how many Roman Catholic readers does Relevant (or Neue Magazine, whatever that is) have? Perhaps he decided that rather than dropping a reference to the pope in this text he would better serve his audience without direct appeal to him. Maybe he didn’t have space to do a full apologia of why evangelicals should pay attention to Roman Catholic moral thought. He does treat this issue briefly in his book Earthen Vessels, pp. 45-46, where he does say “I suspect that evangelical disagreements with Catholicism have muted the book’s impact in our community. Those theological disagreements are incredibly significant. Yet in there is a surprising amount of overlap between the Pope’s ideas in the Theology of the Body and evangelical theology.” A point worth exploring, to be sure; but that also sounds like a different argument to me than the one he is pursuing here.

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