Blogs of the Week

1. Anthony Smith‘s essay on racism and practicing Pentecost. There is much to be said here, but Anthony has got it going.
2. Jim Smith’s genuine rumination on the struggles of preaching.
3. Brad Bergfalk’s suggestions on starting up a casino ministry with senior citizens.

4. Nancy Nordenson’s post (dig around for there are others) on writing and how to cut things back to find a good rhythm.
5. Jeffrey Jue’s study of emergent, which while it makes the same mistakes of others (too narrowly defined; absent of any sense of missional; nothing serious about ecclesiology; too much about epistemology, etc.) is still useful for all of us.
6. Jordon Cooper’s blow-by-blow of listening to Hauerwas. [This is a late addition to this blog but I just found it.]
Honorary Blog of the Week: each week Mark Roberts deserves a place. This week I put on here his blog on Theologica about vocation.

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  • Thanks for the mention, Scot!

  • Hey Scot – I am wondering if you have any plans or inclination to respond more in-depth to Jeff Jue’s article on emergent? I am currently working on a research paper for one of Jeff’s classes, and I will be interacting critically with his paper, your writings, the DA Carson book, and (to a lesser degree) McLaren’s Generous Orthodoxy. I’d be very interested in hearing a fuller critique of Jue, if you have time or intereste (or, if you know of other emergents who have already responded to it, that’d be great too).
    I greatly appreciate both the content and the tone of your website. Refreshing, thanks!

  • Christian,
    Can you tell me where Jeff Jue has written his piece. I haven’t seen it.

  • It’s the link you actually posted up above, in Reformation21: