Blogs of the Week

1. Dan Clendenin’s weekly commentary on the Lectionary is worth reading each week, so I’ll mention it here and ask you to consider linking.
2. John Frye’s back from his trip to Turkey and the Holy Land, and has all kinds of things to say and pictures to prove it.
3. Will Sampson’s reflections on books he’s read that were banned by the Library folks.
4. Len Hjamarlson’s piece on “finding ecclesia.”

5. Jason Clark’s wise pouring of cool water on too hot of discussions about what we promise of the Church.
6. The Southern Baptists are still fighting the alcohol thing, and Steve McCoy writes about as mature statement about the redemptive calling of the Christian as I’ve seen.
7. Sivin Kit’s introduction of postmodernity to his Malaysian culture. His previous post, too.

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