Blogs of the Week

First, and foremost, a blogger put me on to this site: Kari and Aaron are going through very difficult times. The whole story can be found here. We need to pray for them. And for Kyle Lake’s family and loved ones: see Brian McLaren’s tribute.
1a. Father Rob Merola’s discovery of division at the Lord’s table.
2. Anthony Smith’s timely summons to re-think in light of the ghetto birds.
3. Why Brother Maynard is emerging. Why Phil Sinitiere is writing about emerging. John Frye develops the idea that Jesus was an emerging pastor.
4. Bob Robinson’s robust challenge for an Emmanuel Apologetic. (two parts) His expression “Emmanuel Apologetic” is stunning.
5. Jamie Arpin-Ricci tells part three of his story.
6. Some blogs I read just to know what is going on with a person and to see what that person is linking to; Jordon Cooper is one of them.
7. Nice to see Tony Jones doing a little more blogging: this conversation with Lieberman is a good read.

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