Is this official e-mail lingo? How many times have you received a note, complete in itself, but somehow felt you should acknowledge the note or say “thanks”? Is there anything that tells those to whom we write that they don’t need to respond so we don’t have to go around and around? I suggest we use NNTR at the bottom of letters like this: “no need to respond.”

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  • Scot,
    I usually respond just so someone knows the connection was made and that does it…unless an additional comment is made. But I like your proposed NNTR for e-mail!
    On a blog you do that with “Comments Closed”, eh? 8)
    BTW…NNTR 😀

  • John Chiarello

    Scot ‘How dare Scot remove my comments from his site, who does he think he is ‘mr. big shot scholar’! Quick sinful nature, find a way to justify this. It didn’t take long. ‘The guy wears sweat pants”. Yhea, that i’ll work!{kidding!].
    Took a little time at your site, you are really good! [I would say great, but that would sound a little ‘brown nose’] I love the level of dialogue! I love the fact that you have made yourself so available to the people! Very rare for a true scholar. Bravo! P.s. If you delete this one I will resort to ‘the guy wears dirty jeans too’!!

  • Scott

    Yep, it’s official e-mail lingo. I use it now and then, but usually leave it up to the discretion of whomever I’m writing.

  • I am fair partial to TTFN

  • kent,

  • neil

    I think that is “ta ta for now”?

  • Steve Gerich

    TTFN came from Tigger in the “Winnie the Pooh” series.

  • Yes, it is as neil #6 suggested.

  • But, Scot, how do you know for sure that they actually got your email, if they don’t respond with at least a short “thanks”? I think this NNTR business is a slippery slope 😉

  • Steve K., (#9)
    I guess then we need a second option “PCROTE” (Please confirm response of this email).

  • Last acronym should have read:
    I guess then we need a second option “PCROTE” (Please confirm RECEIPT of this email).

  • Luke

    It’s a slippery slope… No need to reply? Why not? Not interested in what I have to say? Getting in the last word and closing the door to another response?
    I know that isn’t what you meant, but it could come to be taken that way. Of course, this is coming from a guy who has sat through meetings that went on long after they should have, because people couldn’t “not respond” even when they were in full agreement. Ever had that happen? People spending an hour agreeing with each other? It’s more annoying than when people disagree. 😉
    And then the question becomes, if the person said there was NNTR and you WANT to respond, is it now impolite to dare to respond after a NNTR?
    It is sticky business, working out etiquette in a new medium.