South Africa Reflections: Friends

We met so many new friends in South Africa, but I have to include some pictures of a few. I begin with Tom Smith and Trevor Hudson, who drove to Rustenburg from Johannesburg area to chat and eat lunch with Kris and me at the home of Nic and Magriet. Here is a picture of Tom and Trevor and me conversing about what theology looks like in South Africa … I confess to being all ears on this one.

Attie explaining to me the ins and outs of Reformed theology… 8)
Theo had to examine four bottles of wine before he knew which would be best for the Stormer game. He settled on de Trafford Cab 2003. The best wine I’ve ever had … and Theo’s knowledge of rugby made our evening fantastic.
In Stellenbosch, I lectured to some pastors and professors and students, and afterwards had an amazing cup of latte with Jeremy Punt, a professor of NT at Stellenbosch, along with Attie, Renate and Kris.
Nic prayed for us while we were in Stellenbosch and we usually ended the evening chatting in the living room:
And finally, Attie, my new pastor friend in Rustenburg … img_0261.JPG

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  • Scot,
    I am sad to say that South African wine, in contrast to Aussie wine, tastes like turnip juice. I recommend a Wolf Blass Merlot while watching a good game of the Wallabies vs. the Springboks! Most of the time, Australia trumps Sth Africa in both wine and rugby!!

  • Duane

    I was wondering if you would meet up with Trevor Hudson on your trip to SA. His books have been a blessing to me. Seems like a Rock solid guy to me.

  • jc

    1. Is the coffee there different than it is here?
    2. Any plans in the near future to go back to SA?

  • jc,
    Well, as for coffee, we had some very good coffee. I’ll be mentioning some of it soon on this blog. I had a cup of coffee at a little market outside Rustenburg and wish I could have bought some beans from that place.
    On returning … stay tuned.

  • Hi Scot.
    Do not believe everything the Aussies say about beating the Springboks. Just ask them to name the present World Champions and that will settle it. Well maybe you will have to think again about their wines as well. (If I knew how to add a smiley here i would have. 8) )
    On being your pastor friend… you and Kris were the right people at the right time for me and Renate.

  • Attie,
    I’ve been trying to read your blog … most of the time I can get the general idea. You’re a trendsetter!
    And you were the right folks at the right time for me. We felt like we saw real pastoral work.

  • RJS

    Scot and attie.
    There are web programs that translate for you – although the ones for Afrikaans are not quite as good as some others I have found. But maybe that is what you are doing. Interesting stuff though. Sometimes I am sure that the translator is missing the point.
    And attie, I do link occasionally to my web page (although I have no blog) to identify myself, especially when talking about science.

  • Scot
    Jim Martin referred me to your blog. I am South African and have enjoyed checking out these posts.
    Arlene Kasselman

  • Scot,
    Thanks for allowing us into your lives – it was good. Australian/South African wine/rugby – it all depends on your geographical hermeneutics 😉 Mine is definitely through the lens of SA – so that is my presupposition.

  • If risoto is your favorite Italian dish, what is your favorite SA dish? 🙂

  • John,
    Bobotie. Some fine stuff.

  • Thanks for sharing the pictures, I’m really enjoying them. 🙂