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Does anyone know of a good video on how we got our Bible?

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  • I don’t think that they had cameras back then…

  • Luke

    Are you talking about like a 5 minute highlight video or a documentary like PBS would do?

  • Virginia

    I’m not sure whether you’re looking for something about the origins of the Bible, or the task of translation. If the latter, the NCC-USA has a great DVD about the development of the RSV/NRSV which talks some about the composition of Biblical texts.

  • Luke
    More like PBS.

  • No…, not really. However.., I would love to help make one! It sure would help to answer those questions. 🙂

  • Ken Tuinstra
    This was shown last night on PBS’s “Secrets of the Dead”. It covers the English Bible including Wycliffe and Tyndale.

  • Erlend

    The Christ Files is most like a pbs documentary has a few videos on the canon
    Darrell Bock and Daniel Wallace Interview:
    Michael Patton, Canon of the N.T. (scroll down for videos)
    Richard Bauckham Is Our Canon Right? (audio on left side)

  • I don’t recall the complete content, but something about Lee Strobel’s video The Case For Christ has something in it.

  • Travis Greene

    I would be surprised if the History Channel or Discovery didn’t have something like that. They have plenty of things like “Lost Stories of the Bible” (aka “Jephthah’s Daughter and Other Stories They Didn’t Make Flannelgraph Cutouts For, But That Aren’t Lost At All If You Actually Bother To Read The Bible”).

  • Danny #1,
    That is too funny for an answer! 🙂

  • kitty

    there is an old video available from the bible society,by the lead singer of manfredd mann called “from the memory banks” it is excellent (although dated, it a funny white shoes and funny hair kind of way) It is far and away the best we’ve ever seen on the topic. Love Tim and Kitty

  • Paul D.

    I don’t believe the Bible Society video is still available. Another similar video is “How the Bible Came to Be” from Gospel Communications. It is a 4-hour overview on two DVDs–OT & NT. Again a bit dated and may be hard to find.
    Charlton Heston hosted a three-part series on Discovery (?) which is available as “Charlton Heston presents the Bible.” Focus is more on the content and Bible history.
    “The Indestructible Book” focuses on the transmission of the Bible, particularly in Protestant Europe. “God’s Outlaw” is a good video on William Tyndale

  • Phil

    Erlend, thanks for the awesome links.

  • Phil

    The talks by Bock, Wallace, and Witherington (10-29-2007) are excellent:

  • kitty

    We can make you a copy of that old bible society video, if it would be useful. It’s been brilliant for us. Let us know.
    Kitty and Tim