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Why Did Jesus Demand “Perfection”?
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  • RJS

    Great Pic
    Pretty soon he’ll be playing catch (or golf).

  • http://lukasandhisworldofbeer.blogspot.com Lukas McKnight

    Scot can’t wait for him to be doing both!
    Hopefully he learns to keep his front shoulder closed better than Scot so he doesn’t end up mirroring his shoulder surgery.

  • pepy3

    The question is: will he bat lefty and golf righty?

  • http://www.virtuphill.blogspot.com phil_style

    If he’s saying G’day then he’ll be playing Cricket. That’s for sure!

  • http://www.godhungry.org Jim Martin

    No ordinary grandchild, that’s for sure. This looks like a special one. I’m happy for you and Kris.

  • http://www.jesustheradicalpastor.com John Frye

    Watch out, Tiger Woods, here comes Aksel!

  • http://www.communityofjesus.blogspot.com/ Ted M. Gossard

    Looks like he’s ready to say something. He is a cute guy. Our Morgan is getting cuter all the time herself.