Did that just happen?

When Kris and I got to the airport in Atlanta Sunday afternoon, we had one of those “Did all that just happen to us?” moments. Some of you may know that I was asked to preach at North Point Community Church, which meant three Sunday sermons … 9am, 11am, and 12:45pm. I’ll begin at the beginning.

We had an evening to dream of: Bill and Terry Willitts, leaders at North Point who have become friends knew someone who knew someone … yes … you may know what that means. We got to do something we would never have done: Dine at one of Atlanta’s finest Italian restuarants. We dined at Veni Vidi Vici, where the executive chef is Jamey Adams. He and his wife are at North Point and he treated us to a chef’s night. Wow. Seven (small) courses … tastes of all kinds of Italian cooking … from shrimp and swordfish to ravioli and lamb … and we cut into four different desserts. Well, what can someone who loves Italian cooking and loves to cook Italian say about that kind of opportunty but “Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!”

NPCC.jpgI was picked up at 7:45 to get ready for the talks … and of course the worship music was awesome. North Point’s music and worship leaders are on the same wavelength that Kris and I are on so we just relished the opportunity to participate. I did three talks on The Blue Parakeet
and the shortcuts far too many of us are taking in reading the Bible, and I tried to impress on the folks that we need to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and enter into its Story and let its Story live in us.

So much to say … wonderful to have the opportunity to preach and be with the good folks at NPCC. Andy.jpgAndy Stanley’s leadership (and wit and book: Communicating for a Change
) … and Bill Willitts … and Norton and Jason and Stephen (who will be starting up a church in Denver this Winter and Spring) … and Diane and Julie and Sarah (who went through much make-up to wipe the sheen off my expansive shiny noggin) … and seeing some blog readers and … I could go on.

Hard to take it in and just plain grateful to be part of this wonderful kingdom work.

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  • Keith

    I recently heard a podcast of the NT scholar Tom Schreiner review Blue Parakeet. Any chance you’d listen to it and respond to some of this comments and questions? Here’s where I found the podcast (http://www.boycecollege.com/diablogue/?s=Tom+Schreiner+on+the+Blue+Parakeet). Thanks Scot.

  • Your Name

    Scot, I loved the sermon on Sunday. I sent an email to a good friend of mine… we often talk about the Bible as we’re working out. I have found myself many times saying to her, “You need to read the Bible from the beginning to the end.” (She is a little hung up on the need to study every word and immerse herself, blah blah blah.) “Just read it, Erica… turn the pages as fast as you can… it’s an incredible story”, I say.
    And on Sunday, I sent her an email and said two things: “You need to listen to Scot McKnight’s sermon. Then, you need to read you Bible starting with Genesis 1:1 and ending with the last word of Revelations.”
    And I’m going to read through the Bible, again. It’s been awhile.
    Thanks, Scot.

  • Evan

    Professor McKnight,
    My wife and I attended the NPCC sermon that you gave this past Sunday. She is a regular there and I was making just my second visit. Partly because I work on Sundays and partly because I grew up not attending church regularly. I did find your sermon to be fantastic and have not found myself to be so interested in the bible in a long time. I am a college student now and I am sure that I would have enjoyed taking one of your classes.
    Thank you for the wonderful sermon

  • I highly encourage everyone to check out a book that is an excellent response to the theology McKnight is proposing in regards to Biblical man and womanhood. http://www.cbmw.org/Recovering-Biblical-Manhood-and-Womanhood/

  • Cheryl

    Arrrggghhhhh!!! I’m going to keep an eye on your speaking schedule in the hope and belief that you’ll be back there soon. I’m so sorry I didn’t make it to see you. A friend asked me why I wanted to go (since I’m not a regular church goer), and my response was “I want to shake the hand of a friend I’ve never met.” 🙂

  • Scot, I’m a former Covenant Pastor (Faith Covenant in Burnsville) but have since moved onto to another church. First, I have your book on my desk in the line up of “next to read” right after I finish the current books I have going (Surprised by Hope, Good to Great, Colossians Remixed, and The Shack.)
    Second, what about North Point impresses you the most? I have watched from afar, like most of us, and have been impressed on a number of levels including Andy’s leadership culture, staff culture, Steve Fee (I was at the CHIC in TN when they were there 2K3) to name a few. Curious what your take is having seen it from the inside.

  • @Soulstice Community Church
    I wanted to reply to your comment—I had the great pleasure of hearing Professor McKnight (hope that’s the proper way to address him! :=) )
    Today at N.Point re: “The Jesus Creed”.
    (watch for the Message to be posted—probably by Tuesday eve—http://www.northpoint.org/messages)
    I’m a very active member of N.Point (and Buckhead). I’ll tell you, I’ve NEVER in my life come across so many people that are “real”—it’s the first word that comes into my mind.
    Also, *EVERYONE* I come across that is involved with the church (Volunteers, paid staff, etc.) are simply GREAT people.
    Andy has most definitely created a Soul a Spirit (no pun intended) to the Church, where I QUITE HONESTLY can say that I actually LOOK FORWARD to going to Church.
    For me, I guess most of all, there is zero–none–NADA—air of anything within the walls of the Building.
    Meaning, there’s not pretentiousness, there’s no code you might fear to break.
    I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can see people sitting beside me that are sometimes dressed in church attire to someone else in Birkenstock’s, Khaki Shorts and a shirt.
    In closing, I’ll tell you (the day) my heart said “Andy is doing something right”—I was walking down the cavernous halls—now mind you, NPCC-Campus is located in Alpharetta, GA (which I think is AT LEAST the Top 50–if not 25–most wealthy households in America—so I’m walking down the hall—in front of me is a young man—he’s dressed in worn out jeans, black/white type tennis shoes, his wallet is attached to a chain, which in turn is attached to his belt loop. He has Jet black hair (covering most of his face)—tattoo’s covering both arms, earrings in both ears—-the stereotype of what I think is called “EMO” in the kids nomenclature.
    That day I literally Thanked God for Andy and his Ministry. If that individual felt comfortable and welcome enough to worship in Alpharetta, GA—words cannot express how much that made me feel that Andy Stanley is ABSOLUTELY doing SOMETHING RIGHT.
    And, please don’t misunderstand my message here. It’s not about what you wear that made the impact, it’s the ABSOLUTE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you feel “in the air”—is why I think those examples are important.
    Hope I made sense. :=)— Love in Christ

  • I think a more concise way of saying what I meant to say could be summed up with this quote:
    “Don’t tell people how to lead their lives, just tell them stories and they’ll figure out how the stories apply to them.” — Randy Pausch