The Bible Experience Revisited

We’ve talked a time or two about Inspired By The Bible Experience: The Complete Bible. I’ve listened to a number of NT books and most of the Psalms, and I’m wondering what you think of this wonderful tool. You might ask what it is. It is the whole Bible read aloud by Hollywood actors and actresses — with some background sounds for effects — and I really like it.

What has stood out for you who have listened to it?

(By the way, for those of you who need the encouragement: this might be a great way for you to get back in touch with the Bible — turn it on and listen in to the reading of the Bible.)

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  • I have gone through it at least once, and am on my second or third trip. I really like it. Gives one a good sense of the narrative and story aspect of Scripture. And for me its orientation to life.
    I think it comes across to me as a good, natural expression of Scripture. Overall I find it wonderfully consistent in how they do it, and the good variety present in the actors and acting, which mirrors well that of the text.
    And my wife Deb likes it. She grew tired of my listening to Scripture being read in the past (so I quit for a good while until trying this), and this is a welcome change for her. And she likes it herself!
    So I would encourage people to try it. I’m blessed to have a public library system I borrow it from, and so I was able to try it out by going through the entire thing. A habit for me now, as I do it daily as a rule, while I’m getting around.

  • I’ve listened to pieces of this in the past, and I do enjoy it. I’ve never really been a big audio-Bible listener, but it’s surely my favorite of all of the ones I’ve heard.
    As a sidenote, any time LL Cool J is a major part in a Bible reading, you can count me in.

  • Is this the one where Samuel L. Jackson is the voice of God? Because that’s pretty awesome.

  • Craig

    Listened to most of the gospels and many of Paul’s letters over the course of a long road trip this past summer. I came away from Paul’s letters with a new sense of his hopefulness; either his, or the hope he wanted to communicate to his audience – probably both. But as his audience, I felt it in a way I hadn’t even after being a more than average bible reader over the past 17 years.

  • Danielle

    I absolutely love this version. I was able to focus on the scriptures and really have them come alive in a way that I’ve not been able to do. The passion of Blair Underwood and the sheer love for the Father in his voice was breathtaking.

  • I love this resource. As it has been said already the drama in the voices of the actors and actresses really leads you to understand the narrative nature of some of the books. Listening to Acts is, for me, especially enjoyable. Also hearing the “voice” of those that wrote to the NT churches is moving. It helps me further understand that these were not disconnected theologians, but rather fellow laborers in the faith.
    I also have to mentioned that I love the fact that it is an African-American cast. To some it may seem minor, but it is a big deal that something done by African-Americans can be excepted in the broader American Christian and Evangelical Christian culture. For an African-American male it is also encouraging to here “my voice” read scripture.
    I love the resource and recommend it.

  • I love it –
    Its great to listen and relisten to a book or passage in traffic and try to spot themes.
    I’ve also used it once or twice in a church service or sermon – edited a patch so the congregation can listen to a passage in a new way – usually with some pictures in a slideshow as they go.
    On a different level – spoken words are less indelible than written. Words are allowed to be what they are – surrounded and followed by others, in a story – they float out my car window but leave an impression. Less confusing than written ones which always call me back to examine the use of language, I can just let them be.

  • Nick Mitchell

    What’s with John the Baptist?

  • Matias

    Love it and my kids listen when we have it on…the voice that narrates Psalm 51 always get my attention, WOW!

  • Chris Jones

    Hey Scot,
    I loved what I have listened to so far (Galatians, Colossians and Revelation). Thanks for giving us the heads up on it. As a matter of fact, we will be listening to the book of Revelation in the Revelation course I am teaching this spring.