Festivus 2008

We’re resting on Weekly Meanderings for this week … we’re on vacation after all.

Festivus 2008 was “less” than the last few Festivus-es … fewer folks and with a few of the originals now married and with kids, the whole thing is beginning to calm down. But, it was fun for Luke to see his friends — some now married and few, like them, with a child.

Just in case you don’t know what “Festivus” is … it’s from a Seinfeld episode. It became for Luke and some of his friends a day for young men to have a day together  — “Festivus for the best of us and the rest of us.” They used to permit women if they wanted to serve and cook … those days are gone. Anyway, Festivus became a tradition for our son, Lukas, and his high school buddies. The event made it into a chp in Jesus Creed, I’ve been asked about it by many of my readers, and it was the “reason” why Luke and Annika (with Aksel) came home.

One tradition is to “pour one out” for those who have died. This year
they honored Tim Russert, Heath Ledger, and former Cub pitcher Jeremy

Kevin Patterson, an original — in every sense of the word — is the master of outfits. This year he wore a nun outfit, a Spiderman outfit and he later appeared as Steve Irwin. Luke wore a courdoroy blazer of mine … years old. It’s almost back in style.

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  • Nice to hear the Festivus tradition continues on good and strong. Sounds like they know how to have some good fun. I did link Luke’s beer blog. I’ll have to find the other blog, the family one, to see if any new pics have been added.

  • Did you pour one out for the Cubs?