Now Brewing: Rise and Wine Mocha Java

AksCoff.jpgI’ve recently been brewing a few different coffees, including Strada coffee from Africa and some wonderful new stuff from the great place called Burnsville, Minnesota. They have a fine coffee and coffee shop — my kind of place — called “Jo Jo’s Rise and Wine.” Yes, you guessed it: they sell coffee and fine wines. A very kind student of mine gave me a packet of Mocha Java — Indonesian & Ethiopian — dark, spicy blend with a fine chocolate finish. If you are in Burnsville, or passing through, or near, stop and tell Mrs. Stevens thanks and hello to Kayla if she’s there, too. Rise and Wine has live music, too.

Now more importantly, I’m teaching Aksel, my grandson, how to make a good cup of coffee on our Rancilio Silvia machine.

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  • Cute pic of course. Yes, I started young on coffee and have rarely let up on it over the years. If I buy nothing else extra (and that’s really been mostly the case, lately), I still get coffee. You’re blessed to get to try out all these fancy kinds. Someday, hopefully for me. Though maybe, or likely we’ll use some Christmas money to that end.

  • I’ll try again (probably I shouldn’t mention when I have trouble).
    Cute pic. You’re starting him young. I started young as well, not that young of course, though I imagine like him I received some of that aroma at an early age. Does sound good. That’s the one drink I’ve drank plenty of, most all my life. What you mention here does sound quite good.

  • Keep us posted on his progress on coffee making. Enjoy the coffee from Africa.

  • Andie Piehl

    Scot, Askel looks more like you in every picture. You must be rubbing off on him. Enjoy the coffee.

  • Scot,
    Your coffee post reminded me of a coffee I wanted to recomnend you try sometime.
    Over Christmas break I was in Ann Arbor MI and went to Zingerman’s Deli and had some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.
    The specific drik was the ‘dirty sheed’ (two shots of espresso, a shot of Mexican vanilla, cream, and ice), but I sampled a few others and they were all excellent.
    Anyways, if you happen to be in the area check it out

  • RJS

    Lukas endorses Ashley’s, Mason raves about Zingerman’s (truly a legend in the area – although not so much for the coffee)… what more reason do you need?
    Oh – and great picture, he looks fascinated.

  • Your Name

    Cute picture!

  • My 2 Cents

    Cup o’ jo, Grandpa?!

  • Tchr

    I hope it doesn’t stunt Aksel’s growth!

  • Heather

    That poor child is going to be addicted before he can talk! Oh, Scot…;-)