After a losing fight with a porcupine, this dog is doing fine, and now that we know it’s fine … what does this picture bring to mind? Who is this dog’s analogy in our world? Which Church leader feels like this?


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  • http://narrowtranscription.blogspot.com Devan

    Oh no! Poor thing! I’m glad he’s ok, that looks rough.

  • http://davidbrush.com David Brush

    Pastor Ruff, after he told his congregation he wouldn’t equate republican with christian. :-)

  • Rick

    Santa Paws!
    I’m sure Rick Warren feels somewhat like that right now, although I don’t think he has lost the fight.

  • http://www.elementalcm.com Henry Zonio

    Unfortunately, I think many church leaders are left like this because they run into a porcupine of a senior pastor. I can’t tell you how many friends of mine are no longer in ministry because they were hurt so bad.

  • Rebecca Trotter

    Oh my goodness, that’s painful to look at! Poor thing.