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Recently Kris and were in a coffee shopped owned by an Italian family and they served one fine cup of LavAzza.
So, we bought a big bag of what makes LavAzza’s family proud. Great crema and taste and the aromas when grinding those beans. One of the best coffees in the world for me.

What’s the best cup of coffee you drink?

One cup of LavAzza and I’m thinking about sitting with Kris on the coast at Positano last summer, where we had a nice cup or two of LavAzza.


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  • Your Name

    Maxwell House – good to the last drop.

    Saint George the Dragon Slayer is a great blend. Much of the profit also goes to Childrens Hope Chest which is a great ministry.

  • Stumptown’s Holler Mountain is my every day favorite. Almost everything they do is good, but for an everyday cup its a great blend.

  • dave

    Jittery Joe’s of Athens GA Good stuff

  • Anything from Stauf’s – Grandview (Columbus), OH coffee roaster, also owns Cup ‘O Joe. Especially ground fresh and made in the French Press they convinced me to buy after my last ho-hum drip machine died.

  • Barb

    coincidently–my brother-in-law was singing the praises of LavAzza when he was here at Christmas and TODAY in the mail we received a big bag of LavAzza beans from him. Can we brew it in our Mr. Coffee type coffee maker?

  • Scot McKnight

    You can always use a drip machine. But LavAzza has the most wonderful crema so make espresso if you have the machine. But, still, great aroma and taste. Always.

  • mike


  • Seven Mountain’s brand, Hazelnut from Jungle Jim’s Amusement Grocery Store in Cinci. Strap it to an old paperback, stick it in the freezer and you have the taste of Kaldi’s Coffee House during the ’90s in downtown Cinci.

  • Kurt

    Is the picture a stock photo or your own crema pattern? If it is yours, nice job! I’m thinking of buying a Miss Sylvia and I’m hoping I can get some great crema and microfoam to work with.

  • First of all, what’s up with the cheesy ad from Beliefnet when I linked back to your blog?? OK, that’s done…
    As for coffee, I ordered a bag of the Honduran coffee from Evo Coffee whom you blogged about a while back. Mmmmm, great Latin American coffee, and nice that it is better than fair trade, too. I bought it to share with my children’s ministry volunteers on Sundays… they are loving it, too. People are wishing they were CM volunteers just to get at the coffee 😉

  • Also, Senseo is a pretty good single coffee brewer with good coffee pods. I’ve only really seen them at Target. Even though you there isn’t a wide selection of pods that fit in their machine, they’ve got some pretty good coffee. I enjoy the medium roast. It’s a quick and easy way to brew a fast and consistent, but very good, cup of coffee. To top it off, it’s one of the least expensive single-cup pod brewers.

  • Carla

    Puerto Rican Alto Grande made in a French Press. But, it’s expensive, so for everyday drinking, Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso blend.

  • klippold

    find yourself a greek grocery store, get a “briki” and some Loumidis coffee.

  • Dottie

    Douwe Egberts Goud Merk or Idee Koffie make great cups of coffee. Have savoured greaat cups of coffee from Kenyan and Brazilian brands.