Google Reader, Feeds, and Jesus Creed

I don’t know why but Google Reader evidently is not working. I have talked with the folks at Beliefnet and the problem evidently is not theirs. BUT … if you subscribe to this it will work on google reader.  Google reader won’t read the feedburner feed from beliefnet although other readers do.     It is a real puzzle since google now owns feedburner.

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Thanks To Deborah Haarsma

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  • Scot:
    Thanks for the information. I was just about to email you asking if you knew what was going on.

  • Scot, I noticed this problem, too. I had clicked the “Add this blog to:” drop-down and selected Google reader to subscribe. That worked for a short while, but eventually it stopped. Turns out that that links to a feed “”. If I click the “RSS Feed” link directly below that, I get that same feed page. Once I’m on that page, though, the “add to Google” button gives a feed of “” which works fine. So something is wrong with the “~e?ffid=2565507” extension for the feed. I don’t know if FeedBurner adds that or BeliefNet, but the “” feed works just fine. Hope that was helpful…and not confusing.

  • RJS

    Steven is right – this works in google reader, and now that I look is the feed that I have in Yahoo.
    But I have the version in other readers and it works fine (for now – it used to work in Google, until Jan 14th).

  • Peggy

    Thanks, Scot! The link you provided worked like a charm. I am a very happy little virtual abbess again!

  • Your Name

    My Google Reader connection seems to be working fine.