Belief-O-Matic Quiz to take

Have you seen this test that seeks to determine what your religion really is.

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  • Orthodox Quaker….I think that is what I got last time as well so there must be some truth to it. Just call me, “friend.”

  • ditto … 100 percent Orthodox Quaker … I like the “friends, and friends of friends” model… even atheists are ‘non-theist friends”
    that was fun!

  • 100% liberal Christian Protestant. interesting because on almost every single question I couldn’t find a single line that I actually agreed with.

  • RJS

    I came back as Eastern Orthodox/Roman Catholic – which floored me. I am not sure how that comes out. But I skipped a number of questions because I also couldn’t find a single line I agreed with. They wanted to define black or white or blue or red and I wanted gray or purple.

  • tscott

    100% Orthodox Quaker…my wife Cathy says “surprise, surprise”,
    because I want to attend the new suburban congregation
    about 20 miles closer to the city from us.

  • I came out as Reformed Vulcan with Klingon sympathies!
    Actually, it declared me Orthodox Quaker as well. Is there even such a thing? My second match is closer to what I really am: Conservative Christian/Protestant. Or, as I like to call it: Reformed Vulcan with Klingon sympathies.
    Who comes up with this stuff? I wasn’t able to agree with all the question choices 100 percent either and I also skipped a few.

  • Travis Greene

    100% Orthodox Quaker. I sense a pattern.
    I agree, though, most of the choices I just wanted to argue with the question. Or, the question was okay, but the answers were far too constraining. Plus, way too much along the lines of “What do you have to do to go to heaven? A, B, C, or D?”

  • I broke the trend: A “Sikh”, of all things, followed by a close “Orthodox Jew.”

  • tscott

    By the way:
    I’ve never attended a Quaker meeting, have no Quaker acquaintances,
    and when I look at a family tree of the church(as on history of
    Evangelical Covenant Church website)I have least experience with the reformed branch of the Church.

  • AprilK

    100% Orthodox Catholic followed closely by Christian Protestant.

  • Cynthia Lambert

    Irony of ironies: 100% Orthodox Quaker (maybe I should rethink that book?) and tied 93% Eastern Orthodox/Roman Catholic. Turns out I really do belong in that movement towards orthodoxy….

  • tscott,
    I think those church family trees are always a little too simplistic. Particularly when it comes to less hierarchical denominations. That one also had Baptists under Reformed, which I don’t think is right.

  • tscott

    I agree with Travis about church trees being simplistic, and also
    about Baptists. But the point for me about this was alluded to by RJS.
    Not sure how Belief-O-Matic structured this. Any subject related to
    ecclesiology captures my attention. Just strongly feel we are
    into new ground on this subject, which along with emerging(sorry to have to use the term)is how I was attracted to Jesus Creed in the first
    Today, very few in any congregation are congruous to the original tenets
    of that church.

  • Angie

    I also came up 100% orthodox Quaker, when I took this awhile ago.
    I was kinda worried about that, but now that I see so many others
    with similar results, I wonder what kind of bent this quiz has.
    It’s very random to get Quaker….

  • Bob Brague

    Wonder of wonders, my religion turned out to be 100% Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant!
    I bet RJS is surprised.

  • So, i am with several others who found out for the first time that they are Orthodox Quakers! I guess the next step is to go to church tomorrow and make the announcement and forsake my mennonite brethren heretage!!! ha

  • RJS

    Bob – not surprised at all. But I don’t have much confidence in a quiz that tags me as Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox – both 100% – perhaps I should try again.

  • Kim H

    100% Orthodox Quaker followed closely by 94% Conservative Christian/Protestant…and as many have said, not thrilled by some of the choices.

  • Ben Burch

    no offense but, the answers on this test were miserable… that being said… I’m a true Jesus Creeder apparently… 100% Orthodox Quaker. BOO! I highly disagree. Also, 96% Liberal/Mainline Protestant is decent, if that includes Methodism. They need a separate one for Wesleyan! And 69% Eastern Orthodox? That should be way higher. I give this quiz 1 out of 5 stars.

  • Phil W

    I first took this quiz in January 2006 and I retook it today. Both times I got the same top 5, with slightly different percentages:
    1. Orthodox Quaker (100%)
    2. Eastern Orthodox
    3. Roman Catholic
    4. Mainline – Conservative Christian Protestant
    5. Seventh Day Adventist
    Here’s a quiz about Christian denominations only:

  • Mary

    I came up 100% Eastern Orthodox and 100% Roman Catholic and 94% mainline Protestant, which seems to indicate some real problems with the quiz given how radically different those three traditions are (and I also was high on Orthodox Quaker–I agree with those who are asking *what* an Orthodox Quaker is)…

  • RJS

    Phil W (#20)
    Well, I didn’t like the questions on that one either. But it also put Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox at the top of the list for me – a trend develops. But I am still not going to convert to either.

  • Patrick

    If you gave high priority to pacifism/non-violence (I did not, I can’t deny that some wars have been necessary) I guess that makes you a Quaker. (I got 100% mainline to liberal)
    I agree that some questions didn’t capture all the alternatives, in my case the one about universal salvation.

  • Pat

    Interestingly enough, I ranked 100% Orthodox Quaker and I just so happen to be a Quaker!

  • Heather

    I had an experience similar to Mary’s in that I was declared 100% Eastern Orthodox and 100% Roman Catholic, with some odd things thrown in after that. I had to chuckle though because I was really hoping it would say I was Eastern Orthodox…surprise, surprise.
    Cynthia–I’m looking forward to your book and to welcoming you to the “movement toward orthodoxy”. 😉

  • Rebeccat

    Odd. I scored 100% mainline to liberal protestant Christianity. I don’t think I’ve ever been told I fit something 100% in my entire life.
    I also scored 92% Orthodox Quaker.
    Here’s beliefnet’s page on what Orthodox Quakers believe, in case some didn’t find it:
    Interestingly, there’s some overlap between Orthodox Quaker belief and Eastern Orthodox teachings on theosis. Who knew?
    It is funny that there seems to be so much consistency among the commenters here. What was that about great minds? JK 🙂

  • mariam

    100% Liberal Protestant with Liberal Quaker a close second and Unitarian Universalist 3rd. I bet you’re all really surprised. All the non-Christian religions (except Islam) are in there between me and the conservative Christians, conservative Jews, Islam and Mormons. I’ve always thought that conservatives from a variety of religions have more in common with each other spiritually, than with their liberal counterparts and v.v.

  • T

    Fun stuff. At least belief-o-matic thinks I’m Mainline to conservative Christian. I’m taking it as good news. 🙂 Oddly, I’ve said more than once I think I’d be at home in a Quaker group of ‘friends’–especially one that still quaked on occasion.
    I think Pat has been doing some amazing subliminal conversion techniques.

  • Steve A

    I’m 100% Orthodox Quaker as well–with 7th Day Adventists at 90% and RC, EO, and Mainline to Conservative Protestant all tied at 84%. I bet the non-violence question is driving a lot of these Quaker results. I think it is interesting that people can be 100% QUaker and so different in the “runners up”. Silly but interesting–both about the quiz design and about what do we really think.

  • thickstick

    took that test !st one came up orthodox quaker second was silkism and in that was closer to mormon !!! whoooa been to their church and was scared straight , also close to 7 days ….. and jclds or lds should read lsd their right out there. thought I was roman catholic?? go figure.

  • thickstick

    orthodox quaker.. me! having visions on tv show Bonanza and the mormon type in black and blk and wh poke i dot scarves around their heads, with the wagon trains acrossing the prairies..and I thought I was RC… so why is it that some people call me …UNORTHODOX ??

  • NC

    The quiz doesn’t seem to be working…comes up saying “XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 69, Column 78:” Is this happening to any one else?