An American Tradition


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  • T

    Very excited for my 4 year old to stay up late (9pm) and watch some fireworks

  • RJS

    In our vicinity 4th of July fireworks are almost unheard of – the expense including holiday pay is too much. However, several places have fireworks earlier in the week, most often on the 3rd. We went to a great show last night in a neighboring small town. Community park, picnic dinners, music, families, various games going on until the crowd got too large, infants to elderly… real Americana.

  • K.S. Philip

    I am not a person to critise, but would like to make a comment to the authorities concerned and request to cut short the expenses incurred and to make use of it for a “good cause” to “feed one time food” or “mass marriage” etc. etc. to the underpriveldged people.

  • Barb

    I live in one of those places where ordinary people spend millions on personal fireworks (in increasing amounts each year) and set them off for several hours–say from 8 pm to 1 am. These fireworks are not cheap to buy and they are dangerous to set off and they cause fires.
    AND yet like I said earlier–there are more and more every year.
    Our family sits on the deck and watches the display.

  • Linda

    We enjoyed a great old-fashioned 4th of July family barbecue in our neighborhood and watched our city’s fireworks display right from the cul de sac! It was wonderful to watch the children light sparklers and to share food and fellowship with our friends and neighbors.
    It reminded me so much of childhood holidays of many years ago when times were simpler and seemed to move a little slower.