Who knows?

Palin.jpgAnyone know why Sarah Palin has resigned?

Here are the words of William Kristol:

William Kristol,
the editor of The Weekly Standard and a supporter of Ms. Palin, said
that in the end, this could turn out to have been a smart move.

I’ve talked to thinks it’s a little crazy,” Mr. Kristol said. “But
maybe not. What is she going to accomplish in the next year as
governor? Every time she left the state she got criticized for
neglecting her duties.”

“She’ll take a little hit for leaving the
job early, no question about it,” he said. “But if she writes this book
and gives speeches and travels the country and educates herself on some
issues, that’s good.”

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  • Rick in Texas

    Her communication was a little cloudy, and her selection of Friday afternoon before the 4th appears intended to bury the story.
    She seemed to invoke Alaska’s best interests, her family’s best interests, but said nothing specific in reference to any future political aspirations.
    Those who held her in contempt and disrespect will not stop doing so.
    Those who admire her will not stop doing so.
    And that covers about 99% of Americans.

  • Ted M. Gossard

    She is admirable, but she has a long way to go to be considered a viable candidate for the presidency, and I don’t see how this would help her to be a senator for Alaska.

  • Paul Begala of CNN quoted Hunter Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” After listening to her rambling speech, I am inclined to agree.

  • angusj

    From my Australian perspective, it’s kind of scary to think that Sarah Palin is still being considered by some a serious candidate for highest office. While she evidently has charisma, she patently lacks the intellect needed to competently manage the issues confronting any presidency. Taking time out from a remote governorship to ‘hone up’ on the issues won’t address the fundamental problem that she just doesn’t have the IQ for the job. (I’m not saying she’s unintelligent, just that she’s not intelligent enough.) It appears that a sizable number within the GOP base still believe that almost anyone who has faith in Jesus, is anti-abortion and pro-guns can be a good president. Sadly, eight years of Goerge W hasn’t dispelled that perception.

  • Pat

    Removing herself from office so she won’t be a distraction I don’t think will change if she considers a run for any other office. I think the distractions will remain for quite some time. Obvioiusly, I haven’t walked in her shoes, but I would have thought sticking it out as governor would have helped her.

  • Kenny Johnson

    It would be lovely if it meant that I never had to hear from here again.

  • angusj:
    Just curious how you know that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the IQ to be president. What is the IQ number one needs to be president and have you seen the results of her IQ test?
    I am not trying to be funny here. I would be curious to know how you know this. One of the things that disturbs me is that some people on both sides of the political aisle tend to judge the intelligence of a politician on whether or not they agree with their politics.
    Don’t get me wrong. Sarah Palin was not ready for primetime when it came to running for vice-president. She was not familiar with importaint matters, particularly foreign policy. And her folksy populist posture at times irritated me. But there is a big difference between someone needing to bone up on the issues and not being able to comprehend such issues.
    I am just curious as to how you know she is not able to get it.

  • Number 7 is me…. sorry.

  • angusj

    Allan (#7,#8) asks: “Just curious how you know that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the IQ to be president.”
    Hi Allan. I would suggest her poor judgment in accepting McCain’s invitation to be his running mate before being even close to being ready for that responsibility is good evidence of that.

  • How so? A bad decision to be sure, but hardly something that one can draw a conclusion concerning her Intelligence Quotient.

  • Rick in Texas

    Refer to the final 3 lines of my post #1. The first of those 3 lines should answer the question you have asked.

  • John Lussier

    I don’t know how knowledge of seemingly simple geography correlates with IQ, but I imagine it would be necessary for the Vice-President to know that Africa is a continent and not a country.
    Having said that, some believe that Palin has not resigned for future political plans, but to avoid the embarrassment and ramifications of going through an embezzlement scandal while in office.
    I do not know if the above link is true, but this would explain the pre-July 4th announcement that would seemingly bury the story.

  • don’t think my grandchildren and their children will think Barack Obama had a high IQ either as they live in poverty to pay off the trillions of dollars of USAmerican debt. He may have a higher IQ than Sarah Palin, but he doesn’t use it wisely IMHO.

  • All of the above confirm my belief in that separation of church and state bit. And that Golden Rule thing.

  • Chris

    John (#13), let’s be fair though…our grandchildren were already on the hook for a ton of debt thanks to tax cuts and the wars. questionable management and all this debt didn’t begin with the current administration.

  • Steve Hakes

    Hadn’t realised that Sarah Palin supported Ms ideology. Well, I for one would not vote for anyone who advocates such social engineering that seeks to downgrade marriage, and we can be pleased that she didn’t get in.
    Thought she was a Christian, too.

  • There are different kinds of intelligence. In terms of academic intelligence, many historians say Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter were the greatest in 20th Century but their administrations weren’t that great. Clinton seemed to have tremendous IQ on tactics; Reagan on strategy. Being academically (or policy wonkish) smart isn’t the most important thing.
    Every innovator is an idiot until his/her idea succeeds … then he/she is a genius. I think the jury is still out on Palin. Is she an insightful tactician or just impulsive? I wouldn’t be too quick to write her off but she would not be my pick for president today.

  • Also, as presidential material goes, I still wouldn’t count out Mark Sanford. He is an executive who, unlike Palin, has demonstrated he has experience in foreign affairs. 😉

  • John Lussier

    Are we sure that John Frye posted that comment? it seems a little out of character for a blogger to get their own address wrong.

  • #19 John L
    Oh my, John. If spelling things wrong is the critical factor, I’m in a world of hurt. 🙂 I’ve misspelled my own name before.
    The comment seems in character with John Frye. So I’m guessing it is was John or pseduo-John in authorship. In either case, it is divinely inspired because the observations are spot on.

  • And speaking of typos, let’s try “pseudo-John.”

  • Your Name

    What is Sarah Palin’s biggest asset? Her ability to rally the base, generate excitement and funds. By stepping down now, she has the ability to bring that to the 2010 midterm elections and help energize and focus the Republican party, perhaps get more Republicans elected. If she stays on until the end of her term she’s stuck in Alaska until the 2010 cycle is finished.
    I believe she calculated that her best path to 2012 was to lead the party in 2010 and she had to resign to do that.

  • tscott

    I’m so sorry I’m always out of the mainstream, but
    it’s true,and I’ve been swimming so long against the
    flow you get weary. Do you know that there are things
    that are true but if you say them you get crucified by
    the media. Since no one here has said this, I must.
    America has been spirally downward for so long it is sad.
    The political know that Sarah Palin’s strongest
    support come from what they call “evangelicals”.
    Ronald Reagon, the Bushes, and Sarah Palin have
    all been “stupid” in the media. What is the reason for this?
    The Republicans knew they were going to lose in 2008,
    because the coalition with “evangelicals” was over.
    Sarah Palin was their attempt to hang on.
    I hope Sarah Palin starts a third party movement. It
    must be founded on some truths that have not been
    formalized in prior movements. It can’t be Whig, green, or
    Neo this or that. Yes, there must be intelligence
    on current issues- budget, healthcare, energy at home
    and trade and military use abroad. And I would like
    to see fresh ideas on these issues, and that will
    be important. You see fresh ideas at Jesus Creed
    on these issues, but not much elsewhere. For example,
    Doctors and hospitals having to publish fees upfront.
    Sarah Palin is smarter than most on energy. A great
    bi-partner issue would be budget. Militarily wouldn’t
    it be great to see our people stay home- if we can’t
    take care of the problem covertly or in the air or
    sea, let’s get off others soil. Trade is a problem
    that few of us even talk about, but we should air
    out new approaches, and this is a missional topic.
    But the major point is Palin starting a third party
    movement. It wouldn’t and couldn’t be a secret that
    her base would be “evangelicals”. So the separation
    of church and state will be hammered at her and the
    party by media. The left in this country really believe
    they have the church issue under control and they
    are probably correct. So this issue of the new party
    being a pseudo-Christian cover-up will be real. So on
    what truths must it be founded. Honestly, every
    party stands on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,
    whether they follow through consistently or not. In America
    today, the answer seems to be a grassroots one. It is
    about us taking control again of the system, because
    this country looks and feels like one that our forefathers
    fought to get rid of.
    Sarah Palin is important because she could start a
    movement that might not pay dividends in 4 or 8
    years, but will do away with the 2 party system in the
    future. Whether this is good or bad we will only know
    later, but we the people have to stand and try.