Can you tell…

Which of the sisters below is Kris?

We’re just outside St. Claire’s in Assisi, my favorite place in the world. Behind Kris is the wide Umbrian expansive plain.
And it is there that one can find St Francis’ Portiuncola.

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  • I would agree that Assisi is one of my favorite places in the world. IF you have not eaten there before, you should eat at La Stalla. It was one of the greatest meals I have ever experienced.

  • Jonathan Blake

    I’m just a little jealous because St. Francis is one of my heroes.

  • Aaaaaaah…the one in the back in the red? Well, duh.
    The pictures Kris posted on FaceBook are awesome. Julie and I would love to go to Italy someday.

  • RJS

    AH … quite a trip.
    And perhaps I’m going to have to actually use facebook.