Italian Building Walls

I like the walls of building in Italian villages and cities. The walls tells stories of age and repair and design. So, when Kris and I are sipping a latte at an outdoor cafe, my eyes often wander to the exteriors of buildings I can see. Here are three, one from Monteriggioni, Assisi, and Volpaia:


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  • Diane

    Beautiful photos! Hope you are having a good time.

  • Brian

    Italian architecture is sure interesting. I once stayed at a home in downtown Torino that was converted into a hotel. It had now had an elevator, but I had to climb six steps to get into it.

  • Rakhi

    Beautiful! I’ve always been fascinated with Italy. We’ll be there in less than two months on our honeymoon – can’t wait!

  • Brian Rice

    Very nice pictures and a nice theme for a post.

  • Randy G.

    Thank you, Scot for reminding us that theology is far from all there is, and that time to just look at the world around us is valuable. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Randy Gabrielse

  • jenn

    if walls could talk! nice post