Some Things We Like about Italy

We thought we’d post some pictures of things (places, events, etc) of what we like about Italy … so here goes… [click on them to enlargen]

First, historic cities like Siena —

… and historic churches like this Romanesque church in Monteriggioni…


And morning cafe latte… (and afternoon latte)….

And the smell and taste and experience of watching a butcher cut “prosciutto” — Italy’s famous ham for sandwiches…

… and vineyards, like Gabbiano’s famous vineyard in Tuscany Gabbiano.jpg

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  • Dana Ames

    Che bell’ Italia! Sono fortunati i McKnights!

  • Scott Eaton

    Scot, is the sky always that blue? That is a sight for sore eyes to this Chicagoan.

  • You’ll have to go down to Alberobello in Southern Italy and see the Trulli Houses some time. It’s quite a quaint little town and very unique. I loved my time spent there.

  • reJoyce

    I’ll take any of those things, but am also especially fond of the afternoon coffee.

  • Patrick

    No-one does magnificent faded splendour with such style as the Italians

  • John L

    Scot, correct pesto -can- be made in a blender. Blend 2/3 of the ingredients until smooth, then add the remaining greens + hard cheese and blend slow until rustic texture.
    These Italy posts are making me homesick.

  • Bill Willits

    There’s nothing like Italian sights, nights, sounds, food, coffee, topography, history and people. We’re all jealous. Gratzi for sharing!

  • Mich

    Real Italian Prosciutto is to die for!