What’s the craziest thing….


Your dog has eaten?

We came home from somewhere one time and our dachsund had gotten into a deep dish pizza, had eaten some of it, but then she began to hide what was left — two pieces — under the blankets on our bed!

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  • James

    My sister had a cocker spaniel that would eat cash, but never $1’s, only larger denominations. Strangest thing…
    I haven’t had any exotic eating dogs, but did have one that made ME crazy once… ate half a bag of M&Ms (2lb bag, not a snack size one). I tried manually gagging her to bring it up, and even in failing, it was the GROSSEST thing. Yuck. (Quick vet trip, little charcoal, $$$ bill, and she was fine)

  • T

    Back in my high school days, my family had a male beagle who became infamous in our neighborhood. We’d had beagles before, but Butch was really something. Anyway, my mom had a pair of really nice diamond stud earrings. They were an anniversary present from years before and she only took them out when she went to sleep or put on a different pair, which didn’t happen very often. Those diamonds were always either in my mom’s ears or on her nightstand.
    Well, one morning she came into her bedroom after breakfast to put them in and there was Butch, just staring at her, next to a book that had been sitting on the bed, but was now on the floor. She says to this day she just knew, before she even checked the nightstand. After tearing apart the bed and the whole room looking anyway, she loaded him up and took him to the vet, who was a family friend. The gold backs are all that showed up on the X-ray, like a cartoon picture. My mom was prepared to attempt the surgery herself if need-be, but the vet assured her that they would likely come out “all on their own.” Needless to say, Butch didn’t “go” anywhere without being closely watched for several days. Additionally, my dad offered $50.00 per earring to anyone of me, my siblings, or our friends who found one. Thankfully, I’ve never needed $50.00 that badly. My dad found them both, and after some serious sterilization, gave them to my mom, again.

  • Tim McCarthy

    Believe it or not, I’ve caught my dog eating a dirty diaper out of the bathroom garbage more than once. Not sure what the hankering there is!

  • My garlic bread.

  • Our dog, Tasha, who was supposed to be “part Afghan” but looked much more like Irish setter, ate pantihose, Tupperware, and Christmas tree lights. Not all at the same time, of course.
    Even though I can offer no proof of my claim, I breathlessly await my Grand Prize.

  • David Reeves

    In high school, our dog Schaena, a siberian husky/norweigan elkhound snuck in the kitchen and ate five loaves of bread dough that were on the counter to rise BEFORE baking. needless to say she was one sick pup, the dough kept rising inside her belly and she just laid on her side in the grass with this huge distended belly, moaning. she survived to scavenge our house again.

  • Barb

    Don’t have a dog now, but one of my previous cats ate EVERY one of the rubber tips off of the doorstops in our house.

  • Let’s see, our Miniature Schnauzer has eaten, sticks, bugs, trash, deer poop, rubber balls, plastic screw driver handles and toilet paper off the roll. That’s what we know about.If he could he would eat rocks, as it is he just chews on them. Funny thing is, socks…he won’t chew on them, just bring them out to the livingroom, show them to us and then leave them on the floor.

  • My Manchester Terrier has eaten…you don’t want to know!

  • Ok, I don’t have a dog anymore, and the craziest thing my old dog ate was a blanket, so we don’t inspire too much pet-crazy. However, my friend’s new dog has eaten the packets of rice and beans which were left mistakenly on the floor, a child’s vomit and her plastic crate. I think she wins second prize (I think pantyhose and Christmas light are a tough act to beat!). 🙂

  • Dana Ames

    Dog: We had a Springer Spaniel who chewed the Naugahide off the front of our sofabed. Peeled it like an orange.
    Cat: Our current cat, a very good hunter, used to go outdoors during the daytime and come back at night, regular as clockwork. About half her life ago, she stayed away for three days, and I was frantic; when she came home, she had noticeably lost weight. Medicine from first trip to the vet didn’t seem to change anything. On the second trip to the vet an x-ray was taken and showed something stuck at the bottom of her stomach; vet called me and said she was taking the cat to surgery right away. Lab tests, x-ray, surgery and hospitalization to the tune of $1000; fortunately, we had some “spare” money at the time. What was pounding away at her little pancreas? A very realistic-looking, green plastic lizard- a harder plastic, not the gummy kind. The thing was about 1 1/2 inches long and nearly an inch wide; our cat is not that big, and I can’t imagine how she even swallowed it. Something in its composition was phosphorescent and showed on the x-ray. I still have the lizard. The vet said she took the x-ray to the next professional conference she attended, and everyone was amazed…

  • Leland Vickers

    For many years the secretary for our department reminded me of the summer afternoon when she received a phone call from one of our boys (middle school/junior high age) who was sobbing so much that he could barely talk. The only phrase that she caught was, “he ate the cake!” After a few minutes of talking to Carol my sons calmed down and told her the story. Mom was gone for a couple of hours and the boys decided to put the icing on the cake that she had baked for my birthday. While spreading the icing on the cake they apparently pushed the cake off of the plate, off of the counter, and onto the floor. Our alert Weimeraner was waiting nearby and immediately ate the entire cake. Both boys grabbed a small handful for themselves, but could salvage no more. I am sure the scene would have been a great Kodak moment had there been a camera handy.

  • marko

    our dog ate multiple cell phones, eye wear (sunglasses and prescription glasses), toys, flip-flops, shoes, hats, portions of a couch and chair, carpeting, and portions of a guaranteed-to-be-indestructible dog bed (we got our money back). needless to say, he’s not our dog anymore.

  • Pat B

    When I was young, my dad hung around with a pentacostal-style christian commune. The people in it were really nice, but prone to interpret every occurrence as evidence of god’s involvement. One day at a picnic, a member’s dog took a dump and everyone watched in awe as the pile grew bigger and bigger. It was inevitable that someone would shout ‘it’s a miracle!’ … and even more inevitable that someone else would discover the dog had eaten a sponge.