Craziest Quote of the Week


This week Kris and I were sitting with some others at a nice Italian restaurant in Wheaton when the server showed Mike Bird an assortment of teas. I could see them better than Mike so I mentioned a couple and finished with this: “Mike, how about some Earl Grey?”

Mike: “Are you kidding? Earl Grey tastes like an old dead lady ground up and turned into tea!”

(By the way, only an Aussie would drink “tea” at an Italian restaurant when you could have LaVazza!)

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  • Barb

    Not related but . . .
    on Sunday July 12, 2009 you posted that
    “We at the Jesus Creed blog, both Scot and RJS, are inviting one and all to enter into a conversation and discussion about John Walton’s (professor at Wheaton) new book, The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate.
    We will begin this discussion at the end of July. You’ve got plenty of time to get the book and begin reading it.”
    Will we start soon? I’ve now read the book and am anxious to discuss.

  • RJS

    I guess the discussion will be beginning of August. I think Scot plans to start next week – and you can blame me for the delay as my travel schedule kept me from really digging into the book earlier.

  • Scot McKnight

    Barb, sorry .. I should have said the beginning of August. I just finished writing the first three posts … Next MWF.

  • RJS

    And on the quote – a rather impressive image. I will never look at a package (bag or loose) of Earl Grey in quite the same way…

  • Give me Earl Grey tea over Hazelnut coffee anyday. Hazelnut coffee tastes and smells like dirty socks. I know, my dad put my dirty sox in my mouth when I said a naughty word when I was a child.

  • linda

    until i had earl grey tea in england i also thought it tasted terrible. the american brands just don’t do it justice but twinings is great.

  • I think Mike got Earl Grey confused with Lady Grey.

  • Don

    Darjeeling tea is best!

  • Kenton

    Mmmm, old dead lady ground up and turned into tea.

  • Mike Bird

    I stand by my observation. I love tea (esp. English Breakfast) but Earle Grey Tea is the most foulest drink on the planet … besides coffee!

  • Allen Garry Bunyan

    Scot, Earl Gray tea with bergamot is a beautifull morning cup of tea.Sadly the full benefit of tea is not fully known but acceptance is growing,first taste of green tea is “yuck lawn clippings”.Like most things in life it’s an aquired taste.

  • steph

    Drinking Earl Grey of any brand is like drinking perfume. Still, I swam the ditch and lived in Oz for a couple of years and the only fair dinkum locals I knew drank coffee. I love Australia for the coffee. Real fresh roasted coffee. Brunswick Street and the rest of Australia is basking in glorious cafes. Perhaps America doesn’t make decent coffee 😉 but I never knew and still don’t know any Australian tea drinkers.

  • steph

    except herbal tea – proper herbal tea – we all drank it to detox…

  • andrea

    you should ask mike about the good Scottish oat cakes!

  • You just can’t guess at what’s going to come out of that guy’s mouth. Mike Bird is the funniest scholar I’ve ever met, by far. Gucci!

  • Jerry

    Hey Scot,
    As someone who lives near Wheaton and loves LaVazza coffee, can you give me the name of the Italian restaurant? Thanks!