Twitter impact

Twitter.jpgTwitter was down this morning for quite awhile. (I just saw this on the news.)

Did it impact you at all?

Has Twitter become part of your job or your connections so that it an outage like this disrupts you? Are you increasingly relying on Twitter for anything? Etc. Thoughts?

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  • It’s still not working correctly…I can’t get it to update.
    At Eisenbrauns we use it to post a “Deal of the Day” and to follow other publishers. Not a major impact that it is down, but it is obnoxious—just like any other technology that fails.

  • Rob

    No impact at all, as I still don’t understand the value of it.

  • Rick

    I agree with Rob.

  • art

    I go to Twitter for news stories. When Twitter was down I had to go ‘old school’ by actually going to the NY Times site, Google News, and AP website. I also looked at my Google Reader account more closely. Usually I hit ‘Mark All As Read’ because I have already looked at all of the interesting posts via links from Twitter.
    I also had no venue to complain about the Red Sox loss last night and express my nervousness about the upcoming 4 game series against the Yanks in the Bronx.

  • RJS


  • Eleanor

    Unfortunately in addition to running our organization’s web site, I now have to maintain a Twitter site, a Facebook business site, a LinkedIn site, a presence on Newsvine, and on and on as part of my day job. The proliferation of social networking sites, combined with the bad economy has a lot of us grasping at any straw that is out there… and duplicating our work many times over. Sigh.
    So yes, the Twitter outage did affect me. 🙁

  • Brian

    I also have yet to see the value of Twitter, or MySpace, or Facebook. I’m only barely aware of knowing anyone that uses them. I’m just not much of a techie in this regard.

  • cas

    Yes! I use it in place of an RSS feed to organize what I want to read and share on the internet. Had a little panic when it was down this am. Might be time for a twitter fast! Nay, make that an abstention, right Scot?

  • I use Twitter mostly to post links to my latest blog posts. And I just wrote a new one right when the hackers attacked Twitter, so I was a little late letting everyone know about my latest blog post.
    Other than that, didn’t really affect me that much.

  • E.G.

    Yup, it did. I got more real work done. 🙂

  • Pat

    No impact, whatsoever. I read about it on Yahoo this afternoon and that was the first I’d heard of it. I use it ocassionally to send out quotes or to reply to someone. Other than that, I mostly read updates.

  • Pete

    So I missed some sports related info this morning… oh well. Did it effect me? Some. I wondered what was up.

  • James

    And appearantly this was a coordinated DNS attack involving not just this, but also other social networking sites, and having to do with the Georgia/Russia conflict. :/

  • It’s just one avenue. So I took a different street.