Another Plass-ism

Another Plass-ism August 10, 2009

Yet one more witty definition from Adrian Plass, Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation: A Humorous Antidote for the Pharisee in All of Us

King James Version: form in which the Bible was originally written in seventeenth-century English. Later translated into Hebrew and Greek for some obscure reason and then tranlsated back again into those ridiculous modern English versions.

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  • Donnie

    I have never posted on this blog, but this post had me rolling.

  • Brian in NZ

    Don’t you think it would be better named as the Saint James Version?

  • Taylor George

    I wonder if the Independent Baptists think this is funny.

  • Mark

    Why is there always an attack on the King James Version of the Bible? I don’t think it is the determinate of Salvation as to which version you use, but pick one. One thing I do know is that God is not the author of confusion and when someone is teaching and refers to a verse in one version and there are 5 different versions people are using in the congregation–this is confusion.
    Its not about being an Independent Baptist, it is about being a real Christian.

  • I compare several English versions – KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, ESV, NLT – to try to understand what they are saying, since I don’t read Greek and Hebrew. Sometimes it can be very confusing, though. One version says we should forgive 77 times, another 490. The 23rd Psalm says “surely goodness and mercy” in some and “surely goodness and love” in others.
    The NIV reads clearly but drops whole verses and relegates them to footnotes.
    I suppose we should throw up our hands and let the educated clergy, clearly superior to the laity, tell us what to believe. Not.

  • Mark

    The author of the blog is correct concerning one thing, the King James Version is a translation. The others are versions of what a man thinks the translation means, a very, very big difference.
    Don’t give me man’s interpretation, give me God’s Words

  • Scot,
    you’re an Adrian Plass fan? I didn’t know he had a following in USA. I read all his books when I was a teen in Australia. Fantastic humour and observations from that guy!