Which American City is…

the furthest from a Major League (Baseball) stadium? Before you click, can you guess approximately or at least get the State?

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  • Rick


  • Scot mcKnight

    Contiguous States.

  • Havre, Montana? Gaspe, Maine?

  • Joey

    Honolulu would be my guess as well. Maybe something in Alaska but I think that would still be closer to Seattle than Hawaii to Los Angeles.

  • RJS

    Well #2 blows my guess which was in Alaska…

  • Steve A

    Bismark ?

  • RJS

    Key West?

  • RJS

    I think Bob Young hit it with Montana

  • Unapologetic Catholic

    I was gooignto guess Barrow Alaska, but given contiguous, I’ll go with Pocatello Idaho–it’s pretty isolated.

  • How big is “city?”
    My guess would be somewhere in MT too.

  • I didn’t know, but I should have. My bro-in-law I think just told me this a few days ago when we were talking about blackout areas. Supposedly teams can claim areas — and I think this is the city he mentioned that 9 different MLB teams claim and they have broadcast blackouts from all these teams — but maybe it was a different city.

  • RJS

    The definition of “City” is pretty loose …

  • paul

    farthest as the crow flies, or by roads?
    should you factor in speed of the roads as well?

  • I live in Honolulu- over 2500 miles from the nearest major league stadium (LA).
    But I guess Honolulu is not truly an “American” city as the title of this post suggests. Oh well, we’re used to being excluded out here.
    And yes, we use U.S. dollars and no, you don’t need a passport when you fly in from “the states,” which we refer to as “the mainland” since we’ve now been a state for exactly 50 years this month.

  • DanW

    My guess was Fairbanks, and since the original question didn’t specify ‘contiguous,’ I’m sticking to it.

  • John

    Kekaha, Hawaii
    Contiguous? some little place in Montana.

  • Kenton

    Terlingua, TX?

  • Daryl

    I agree with Bob #3: Havre, MT is pretty far from just about anything, including Seattle or Minneapolis.

  • No question that state has to be montana. the central part.

  • Kenton

    Is using google maps cheating? Using it, I came up with Opheim, MT as a good candidate.

  • Doug Allen

    I’d guess MT, but Glacier Nat/l Park isn’t a city so how about Idaho, and I’ll guess Idaho Falls.
    And Scot, how about those Rockies beating up on the Cubbies? Now idf we can only beat Pittsburg tonight.
    Go Rockies, numero uno in National League Wild Card Division!!!!

  • Is Alaska a state? Montana, interesting

  • Montana and the Dakotas were two quick guesses from my wife and I.

  • NancyS

    Great Falls, MT

  • BenB

    It has got to be Montana. Great falls is too southwest to be it… and I don’t know enough cities in Montana so my guess is going to be Havre or Billings. Havre is north enough that I might go for it.

  • Yeah, come on. You’ve got to add “contiguous” to the title.

  • Doug Allen

    And Scot the answer is…?
    BTW, the Rockies won 4 straight in their series with St. Louis. That helped the Cubies! And Chicago is my (and so many other’s) 2nd favorite team who live outside the land of Lincoln, but “sweet Lou,” I don’t know. He can’t kick dirt or throw a base like he used to!