Library Time

I don’t know about you, but I like to study in my own library, which happens to be in the basement. Here is Kris working on the computer in my library … books galore and quiet in abundance and homemade bookshelves and books in the order I need them.

Where do you prefer to study or read or write?


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  • I have a library in the campus ministry building where I serve, but when possible I prefer to study at home (my library is basically one side of my spacious living room) where I have the reference books (and the tea) I know I’ll need and no distractions – or sometimes at the coffeeshops around campus or the university library (here at ULL). The worst place to try to study seems to be in my office itself, because of all the distractions.

  • Joey

    Coffee Shop. I have ADD and if I don’t get outside stimulation I can’t concentrate.

  • RJS

    Science – office at work;
    Theology – study at home;
    Scot – that is the “messiest” your desk has been in any picture posted. It begins to look like a place where one actually works…

  • I write best at home – mostly at the kitchen table but sometimes in my study. I, too, love to be surrounded by books but instead of tea I prefer good coffee.
    Also, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this website: it contains descriptions and pictures of the “writer’s rooms” of literally hundreds of famous and not-so-famous writers. You might enjoy it.
    Grace & peace,

  • Jason

    In my office at the church. Comfortable leather chair, books surrounding me, and a lock on the door. Solitude!

  • In my office at the church. Comfortable leather chair, surrounded by books, and a lock on the door. My fortress of solitude!

  • Starbucks (sorry for the commercial). My backyard wins second place.

  • Matt

    Forza. Great Coffee. Great atmosphere.
    I need to be around people to get things done. I lug my books and my laptop to Forza, put some headphones on and go to town. I’m in my office right now and instead of studying I’m commenting on a blog–wouldn’t happen at Forza.

  • Jimmy

    If I had a room that could work as a library, it would be there haha.
    I like to go to a coffee shop. Without white noise I have a tendency to turn on the television.

  • Joe Hudson

    My favorite study spot is at a booth in the local Rhodes gas station; my laptop propped open, a 32 oz. Raspberry Ice tea and a half-eaten oatmeal cookie beside me. I study best with a low level of background noise. This also allows me to be interrupted occassionally when God brings someone by to talk. Then its back to the study.

  • You can see my digs here: (upper right hand corner) and how I do research, write books, and my system of marginalia.

  • I too have our computer and books downstairs. Comfortable there and where I “write”. Though I like upstairs where Deb is, and the light of day coming in. So that I want to get a laptop. I read books upstairs. I like to talk over what I’m reading with Deb, and hear what she thinks and what’s up with her in her reading, etc. I am a social person along with wanting to read and study.

  • barb hungerford

    In my recliner.

  • well, it will be in a lovely new office my wife-to-be set up for me in her home! she repainted one of the guest bedrooms a ‘southern blue’ to provide me a comfortable reading and studying space for grad schooling and sermoning. I will move all of my books, handmade bookcases, desks, computer and reading chair into their fantastic new space this coming weekend.
    three cheers for my AH-mazing fiance Melinda 🙂

  • In my office at church at 6:00 in the morning — when no one else is around. Our church is surrounded by woods, so I have my own sanctuary.

  • I do my best reading (whether for study purposes or personal pleasure/edification) in cafes/restaurants/pubs.
    Having said that at the moment I don’t get much time to get out on my own so most of my reading is done at home, where there tends to be more distractions, or if there are no distractions then my comfy couch is often sleep inducing.
    I read much more effectively out in public with a quiet table and a nice beverage 🙂

  • Library, sometimes the coffee shop. I am bound to my office at work most work days but work remotely about once a week. As others have said, white noise and people around helps me stay on task. I like to be alone and quiet sometimes but when I need to get work done I often do better in a more public environment where there are people and light. I love this wireless age that allows us to work from libraries and coffee shops. I tried to use a small extra room in our house as my office but I kept wandering out into the rest of the house and using the kitchen table. I needed space, light, people.
    I use google docs and evernote quite a bit. This way I can capture images, thoughts, quotes, urls, information store it in the cloud, to be accessed from anywhere, any time.

  • James

    Home office, in front of the computer for quick references, with the books I need or expect to need stacked handily around me.
    My library is as of yet more modest than Scots.
    Mind the top shelf just above and to the right of your wife in the picture, Scot. That particular one appears ready to exceed it’s capacity. A bracket in the middle might be prudent. 😀

  • Wow! I read, study, write, and work in my own home office, but I have library envy of yours. My wife doesn’t like bookshelves, so I can’t surround myself with as much reading material as I would like. 🙁